U.S. Men's Olympic Team

U.S. Under-23s vs. Mexico: Behind the Scenes

  • jonk

    The camera angle on the 2nd goal is the best I’ve seen and it doesn’t look like Mix got a touch on it (just after the 4 min mark).
    Anyway, great to hear a coach preaching about keeping possession, taking the game to the opponent, etc.


  • Carlos

    #10 for Mexico (although a very gifted player) is an A$$. Not only diving (see 2:50)& also his yellow for stimulation, but also for the time he cleated our center back (thigh)when the ball was played out (not shown here),he also casually hit Corona (our #10) while he was on the ground in the head (7:04,hard to see but after this but Corona was holding his head for awhile) Also saw him hold the ball out to one of our players for a US throw in & then at the last second flick the ball into the US player’s face. The last is harmless but just goes to show what little class this dude has.


  • Andrew

    Co-sign. Porter is a boss. This man should be Klinsman’s #1 assistant after the Olympics and looks like the future of US soccer. Never before have we taken it to Mexico like we did that night.


  • hush

    I was 4 rows up behind the keeper! A few U.S fans back there with me.

    I like how it gets akward when Corona starts lining up in tunnel. Mexican player kinda looks at him like, wtf!lol Then gives him a brotha hand shake.

    Porter had me at, “let’s make them deal with us”… We play to our potential, WE ARE BETTER! .. a tear just came down. True story.

    Fo sho Porter! Yank winning mentality, me likes.


  • John

    The numerous TV replays showed Valentin should’ve been the one yellow carded since he brought Fabian down in the box.

    If you’re going to try to call a player out for “diving” at least show you’re not biased and call it how it is.


  • Jay in Ft. Lauderdale

    You beat me to it! Gotta love this guy! I’m on the Caleb Porter bandwagon after seeing that!


  • Jonathan S

    I LOVE THIS GUY! He instills self-belief, which can be very powerful, especially on younger minds.

    “We are too strong, too athletic, we’re technical”

    “They cannot beat us”

    And the team played this way. thats what I like to see/hear from my coach!


  • fifawitz1313

    That was awesome! Hope they start doing more of these videos for all levels of US Soccer.


  • 2tone

    Can’t wait for the tournament to start. I wonder when Porter is going to reveal the 20 man roster? I am guessing next week some time.


  • wichin

    Finally, we get a coach that realizes that our athletes are better and lets them play a game where we control. I got sick and tired of playing long ball. It showed no faith in our players and our talents. I love what Klins and Porter are doing. Let’s not back down. Everyone says that our team is young, well we have to play them and let them get experience.

    By the way, check this article for first potential call up for Olympic qualifying and London:


    Pretty interesting!

    Porter Rocks!!!


  • jon

    this is a great video! i’m confident in this squad to go all the way at the olympics.


  • Glass

    I know! I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’m SUPER pumped to watch the Olympics! Is it just me or have we never had a team this strong led by such a great coach. To think that team was without Shea, Boyd, Williams, or Altidore.


  • abc

    I am worried about Valentin. He may be versatile but he’s not all that great at any position.


  • Alex

    Hittin’ that cookin’! love the salute too my friends and I do the exact same handshake. Plus Juan’s hair? Baller


  • Kevin_Amold

    I’m already starting to love these guys. I’m feeling a lot better about the USMNT program now than I was during the summer of 2011….


  • Joe

    As a Union fan I was happy to see that Adu was playing well and had several good plays. Looked like Mexico was afraid of him after a while. Also glad he was being vocal. Also as a Union fan, Agudelo Scares me, don’t know why Backes doesn’t play him more.

    As a US fan there was a lot to like about this game and I hope it bodes well both for the Olympics and the future. Porter seems like the MAN in this video and I think that is #^&%ing awesome. The play of the keepers was tremendous and one of them may very well over take Timmy in a few years. I can see why MacMath was the #3 keeper but I think he will also be a good one.

    not sure why Sheanon Williams isn’t on there but I won’t complain.


  • Carlos

    I agree that the Valentin v Fabian contact could have easily been a penalty. But the diving I was referring to happened at 2:50 mark in the above video.

    Now the yellow card Fabian got was questionable but no denying he went down easily.

    Oh forgot to mention, not shown in the video but in the game on the right sideline Diskrude is running & playing a ball forward & Fabian is running along side of him when he (quite deceptively & with great technique)whips his right leg to the side & clips Diskrude behind the knee caps/calf. Diskrude goes down. Fabian did this while looking ahead & in stride. Can’t be the 1st time he has done this because he has this move down pat.


  • Lost in Space

    The that we played so well and were still missing some of our more promising players. I can see a real change coming for the USMNT. Players from this group I’m hoping to see soon with the senior squad include: Diskerud, Gyau, Adu, Agudelo, Morales, Gatt and Corona. If these guys continue to perform w/ the
    U-23s and their clubs they’ll soon be ready to join the senior squad…looking forward to the future


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