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Fire's Gibbs out up to 6 months

Gibbs (Getty Images)

Cory Gibbs has suffered yet another injury setback.

The veteran, but oft-injured, defender will miss the next 4-to-6 months after undergoing surgery for a torn right meniscus on Tuesday. According to the Fire, the injury was suffered in training during last Wednesday.

German international Arne Friedrich, who has yet to appear on a matchday roster but had his first live action with the club in a weekend scrimmage against the University of Louisville, will be looked upon to provide stability and steady play with Gibbs on the shelf. His road to the club's starting XI could be accelerated to this weekend's match against the Dynamo in light of Gibbs' injury.

Beyond Friedrich and second-year defender Jalil Anibaba, the Fire have Kwame Watson-Siriboe and rookie Austin Berry on the centerback depth chart to make up for Gibbs' absence. 

How big of a blow is this to the Fire? Do you think Chicago can stem the tide without him?

Share your thoughts below.

  • RedLine55

    Yikes. With his injury history everyone kinda knew this would happen eventually. It’s too bad he’s been so good, though! Hurts to see him gone… hopefully back for the playoffs.


  • King James

    Hopefully this means Anibaba will exclusively be playing the position he’s suited for: CB.


  • Eugene

    Meniscus tears don’t usually result in 4-6 months of recovery. For example, Juan Agudelo’s meniscus tear will only keep him out 4-6 WEEKS. Something is very fishy with Gibbs’ injury announcement — either the announcement is meant to say 4-6 weeks or he has torn a tendon, like an ACL, MCL, etc.


  • detroitFIRE

    He’s had a history of knee injuries and he’s 32, i think any surgery to his knees at this point will sideline him for months since they’re so decimated already


  • A little effort, please.

    “Cory Gibbs has suffered yet another injury centerback.”

    The writing on this site is getting sloppy. At times, it reads like a Facebook post. I appreciate the site and it’s content, but it is getting a touch slapdash. Thanks.


  • yee

    Poor Corey, I have never felt worse for anyone than when he found out he wasn’t going to be able to play in the world cup and they showed him crying on TV. That was really rough. I’ve always rooted for him, hope he can make it back and the Fire can put NYRB in their place


  • BSU SC

    With the LA Gals signing another centerback, it looks like Andrew Boyens will be excess cargo. Chicago should look to make a deal for him.


  • Joamiq

    My understanding is that recovery times for meniscus tears can vary greatly. It all depends on how bad the tear is.


  • Joamiq

    This site has unfortunately always been sloppy with grammar and editing. Great content, love the site, but at times it appears amateurish…


  • shelsilverstein

    careful guys, I’ve had posts erased and been banned in the past for pointing out Ives’ proofreading shortcomings


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