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Late Ihemelu goal gives FC Dallas win over Revolution

Ugo Ihemelu (Getty Images)


The New England Revolution looked destined to extend their unbeaten streak to three games, but a goal in the dying seconds of their match against FC Dallas made sure that was not the case.

Ugo Ihemelu headed home a free kick from Zach Loyd in the fourth minute of second-half stoppage time to give FC Dallas a 1-0 win at FC Dallas Stadium on Thursday night.

Ihemelu rose up to meet the ball on the play and headed it to the far post past a helpess Matt Reis to grab his first goal of the season and improve Dallas to 2-2-1.

Neither team created much in the way of chances prior to the last-gasp goal, with Brek Shea perhaps coming closest on a play in the second half when he took a shot from inside the penalty area was parried away by Reis.

Having just come off a big road win over the Los Angeles Galaxy and playing without Benny Feilhaber and Kevin Alston, the Revolution had trouble in the early going with the marauding runs of Fabian Castillo.

Eventually, the visitors settled down and appeared ready to claim a point with a gritty defensive effort. An extended period of stoppage time changed that, though, as Ihemelu made no mistake on his headed effort from close range.

What do you think of FC Dallas' win? Think the game should have been over before the free kick? Still like what you've seen from the Revolution these last three games?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Puffer

    As a Revs fan, that was heartbreaking. Literally all they had to do was kick the ball out while their own player was injured and kill the game.


  • thaDeuce

    The best improvement for MLS this year is that HARKES no longer announces. How awesome! I don’t think about the announcers anymore during the game! at all! it is wonderful…I just happened to see a commercial on the internet with him after the game, and I realized i just watched a game without getting pissed off at him! In fact, indifferent and obvlivious to announcers!


  • thaDeuce

    he had at least one flash late in the game. also played goo defense and better than others offense, smart passes, quick runs…. not brek shea good, but still he didn’t “suck”


  • Boones

    Just a bit of marking would have helped also. There were 4 FCD players that could have has a chance at the winner. Unreal…


  • wilyboy

    He’s now the DC United commentator. He used to be our captain, but he shows no passion. Instead, he “blesses” us with all the things that are not excellent about our squad, and if we’re playing well, his insights are redundant.

    I hate this man.


  • Elmo

    I haven’t been impressed with Brek in a long while. Both with FCD and USMNT. Between his USMNT (Senior and U23) and FCD games, as well as training with Arsenal, dude looks like he needs a break.


  • eddie

    That’s why he’s not in Europe playing. He’s so inconsistent. Very poor form. I’d bench him until he proved his worth.


  • ryan

    Heartbreaker. Poor choice by Revs not to just play it out of bounds. Poor play by Sharlie as he didn’t even try to defend that one.


  • marco

    I believe Sharlie stopped tracking thinking it was close enough for goalie to punch out.


  • peet

    the team can’t afford to sit him. He needs the break, but the roster is so devoid of quality midfielders Hyndman can’t sit him.


  • Ted

    revs were robbed, what about that terrible not called foul on by ryan guy by ihemelu?? thought it was a soft free kick given to dallas at the death, still revs should have played it out with both players on the ground. disappointing.


  • Seriously?

    I never liked him as an announcer or TV personality, he was always just so full of himself it seemed. Then, after the real reason came out for him being kicked off the national team, and it was revealed that he knew exactly why he’d been kicked off, and how he deservedly lost his “captain for life” status, I lost all respect for him as a human being. He seemed to make a name for himself after playing by going around telling people he had no idea what happened in 1998, and what a victim he was, dragging Sampson’s name through the mud since he was an easy target, while Sampson kept his word to stay silent on what he considered a personal matter. Harkes is nothing but an arrogant scum bag in my eyes.


  • abram

    I’m an MLS fan, but that’s a problem with MLS stars rarely get benched. The drop off is pretty steep between the 11th and 12th guy, forget about even lower down the bench.


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