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Manchester City 1, Manchester United 0: Match Highlights

  • kevin_amold

    Thought City bossed the game, and deserved a win. I thought the scoreline flattered United.


  • Weaksauce

    LOL, 2 comments on this article and Ian darke said there were 650 million watching around the world


  • b

    United were just terrible. It starts with Ferguson, wrong tactics, wrong players selected… and the team itself, they had no ideas / creativity, and even worse they had no fight left in them. The biggest league game of their careers and they laid a big fat egg. This team needs to be blown up, it has needed that for a few years yet they have chugged on and managed to just get by. Well that’s not going to work any more, they need a complete roster overhaul with major money spent on 4-6 new signings. Or maybe it’s time for SAF to retire….


  • Phil

    Maybe that’s because not many people in the US watched it. It did come on in the middle of a work day. Not that it would have made any difference in my opinion.


  • ben in el cajon

    I wonder whether this will put pressure on the owners. One constant right now is that American owners, who are mostly about profit, are under scrutiny. I’m thinking that they hope for the financial fair play rules in Europe to make their business model the norm. Really, how can the Spanish giants or City or Chelsea make their revenue match their salaries? On United, I just don’t see them spending “major money . . . on 4-6 new signings,” no matter what the team needs or the fans want. Who knows, if City and Chelsea are disqualified from the Champion’s League, then Wenger will look like a genius, and Newcastle and Spurs will go with MU and Everton.


  • Herb

    Looked like city was playing for a tie, and when u do that u end up losing …


  • Strider

    Off topic question, is it just my impression or this Site is getting really slow. I mean, I remember last year or so, the site would add news constantly, unlike now. The live questions chat is almost non-existent.

    Thoughts ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • Ryan

    I think the site has done a fair job of adding news. Instead of adding articles soon as news breaks they tend to bunch multiple news stories together with links to the main article which is what a blog is really supposed to do. Also on slow news days I think the site has done a good job of not putting out junk news that nobody cares about to just push across content (unlike ESPN).


  • Ryan

    Did anyone else get the feeling that as soon as they announced de Jong was entering that the game was about to get real chippy. I think that is what sir Alex took offense to on the Welbeck challenge.


  • OmarVizquel

    Al Ferguson has made a career of refereeing games with the 4th official…it’s rich to hear him complain about Mancini doing it.


  • Mig22

    agreed. I think the site has actually improved in the last year with more contributors, a nice range of highlights, running commentary, news bunches, and the occasional team/player feature.

    I also like the fact that it doesn’t just rehash inane Soccernet/Sky Sports crap like “Fabregas warns Madrid” et al.



  • Robert Daniels

    Only SAF is allowed to do that, why do you think he’s been so dominate?


  • K Bone

    I really can’t believe in a game this big they played for the draw, and Park started. There is no way you take Valencia out and play Park who’s probably played 10 games at best all season. I don’t understand the tactics, they really should have tried to have some kind of offense. Doesn’t make sense…


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