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Mid-Day Ticker: Coyle says Muamba may play again, Cole targets Lille stay & more

Muamba (Getty)

For 78 minutes, it seemed as if Fabrice Muamba could very well lose his life. Now, it's conceivable the Bolton midfielder could return to play once more.

Bolton manager Owen Coyle said Muamba, who was released from the hospital Monday after suffering a heart attack a month ago during an FA Cup match at Tottenham, could very well play again for the club — possibly as soon as next season.

"Knowing Fabrice and how much of a battler he is, it wouldn't surprise me if he comes back," Coyle said. "But I've got to stress he still needs that time with his family unit. … That would be Fabrice and his family's decision. He'll not come under any pressure from us. Once he feels he's up to it, then all good and well. If it's next season, great."

Here are some more stories to keep your Thursday rolling:


Enjoying a career revival with Lille while on loan from Liverpool, England midfielder Joe Cole said he is hoping for a permanent transfer that would allow him to represent the French side in Champions League play next season. Liverpool, by contrast, will be participating in the Europa League.

"I would like to stay but it's not in my hands," Cole said. "I haven't spoken to anyone at Liverpool. I'm waiting to hear from them."


FIFA has announced plans to build a $196 million underground museum near the organization's headquarters in Zurich that would include ''3D animations, interactive games [and] trophies,'' according to FIFA's website.

''It is high time that world football had a meeting place for its millions of fans," president Sepp Blatter said in a statement.


Former Cameroon forward Roger Milla has set up a committee that will attempt to eliminate the nation's current federation amid worries that the national team, which missed out on this year's African Nations Cup, may also fail to qualify for the next edition of the tournament.

"Nobody seems worried as we move from failure to failure," Milla said. "This must end and things must move forward."


Would you be surprised if Muamba played again? Should Liverpool sell Cole to Lille? Would you be interested in visiting FIFA's underground museum?

Share your thoughts below.

  • FIFAbob

    FIFA museum is a great idea, too bad they are building it to launder all of the illegal money from bribes


  • Brett

    If I knew Muamba I would implore him to hang up the boots. When your body tells you it has been overexerted, you listen.


  • Shane

    I agree. I have no desire to ever see that guy play again. It’s sad, but he can coach if he wants to stay in the game.


  • BSU SC


    I hope he makes a full recovery but I don’t think he should ever step foot on a field again.


  • patrick

    we dont know that that is the case. It’s not like this is the frist time he’s played in a soccer game. more likely, after some rehab, and probably some medication, he’ll be alright to come back and compete.

    Do we forget that teddy bruschi had a HOLE IN HIS HEART AND A SEIZURE and came back to play in the NFL


  • Rich

    None of us are doctors and if one of you are, you aren’t a doctor who cared for Muamba. The right decision will be made. Hopefully he makes a full recovery and if he wants to play again is able to. If he doesn’t want to play again, I think everyone will respect that decision. If he can’t ever play again, I think we’re all just happy he’s alive.


  • Ben

    Yeah, but the doctors knew exactly what was wrong with Bruschi and there was surgical treatment for the condition. As far as I know, the doctors still don’t know what went wrong with Muamba, which presents a much more difficult case when getting medical clearance to play again.


  • fischy

    “”It is high time that world football had a meeting place for its millions of fans,”


    Exactly. If only there were such places now, like a place there tens of thousands of fans could gather in one site and celebrate the sport. Or, even an online community where fans could discuss the sport and collect images and video highlights.

    Surely, this museum will do the trick — no doubt, it will, appropriately, be built on land which is coincidentally owned by Blatter now, and he wil be handsomely rewarded for his vision.


  • al17

    Joe Cole staying at Lille would be great.

    I thought it was a good move for him and it has turned out to be better for him than I expected. I know Lillois like him and he’s stated more than a few times his joy at being there and playing in French league.

    FIFA needs to build a museum for each continent. Not many of us will visit Switzerland let alone afford the damn place if we were to visit. Personally, I think the museum in Europe should be in London.

    Someone else stated it earlier, best and I couldn’t agree more with them in stating that the doctors whom actually cared for him know best even if some on these boards are doctors. I wish him nothing but the best and if he wants to return then hopefully that dream will be a reality for him.


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