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Must-See Goal: Cristiano Ronaldo


  • TheFrenchOne

    not sure i needed to see his thigh, but yeah this qualifies as must-see


  • Charlie G

    Stunning, but can’t help seeing Ronaldo as playing Salieri to Messi’s Amadeus


  • Neruda

    Why don’t you see NBA players pulling up their shorts to show off their amazing jumping muscles after a monster dunk or swat?. Oh yea they wear shower curtains for shorts and their drawers sag.


  • Fred

    Cristiano is a boss and bosses do whatever the hell they want when bosses score goals like that!


  • Jamie Z.

    Every beautiful goal Messi scores makes me love him more. Every beautiful goal Ronaldo scores makes me loathe him more.


  • Vinz Clortho

    Sorry, but I think Ronaldo more like Beethoven than Salieri. Can you whistle anything he wrote…

    This is one of those NAFTYCD goals…i.e. Not at __ thing you can do…


  • Dust

    Messi just cannot do this. He doesn’t have the leg strength. All Messi lovers have fun seeing his finesse shots. It will calm your EA sports FIFA-loving hearts.


  • Gnarls

    Messi doesn’t need to do that. He’s got a better mind for the game than Ronaldo ever will.


  • Mig22

    Interesting thing, this battle of Messi and C Ronaldo, CR with closte to same goals (37 v 36) this years in La Liga, Messi with more in all competititions (57-51) and assists (17 -12), Madrid winning the league, but can’t beat Barca.


  • charles

    don’t count your chickens before they hatch. especially with the liga title still up for grabs


  • bobcobb

    Not a Ronaldo fan, but this goal and celebration were awesome. Apparently one of his teammates was giving him grief about not doing enough leg workouts recently, so Ronaldo was jokingly showing off his leg muscles. Notice how much fun his teammates on the sideline were having with that celebration?


  • BCC

    Ridiculous. As Tommy Smythe said during the game, you should feel fortunate to see both players in their prime.

    Ronaldo is a great footballer, one of the best all-time. Salieri was a mediocre composer who you probably wouldn’t know anything about were it not for a movie.


  • Real Jeff

    Thats like saying every major leaguer should hit a 90 mph knuckle ball. Did you see the ball jump feet left and right in the air.


  • jloome

    Nonsense. Salieri, as many experts of classic will tell you, was as great, or almost as great, as his student. The scheming movie version from Amadeus is complete fiction.


  • BCC

    Evidence, please. Post quotations from some of the “many experts of classic” that suggest Salieri was “as great, or almost as great” as Mozart.


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