Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Junior Hoilett

  • jonk

    …their underachievement will be all the more frustrating for Canadian fans? Did I guess right?


  • Not Soony Saad

    If he plays internationally he’ll probably end up with Canada, but he is considering the USNT.


  • Joe Creighton

    How is he considering the USMNT?

    He was born in Canada and his father is from Jamaica.

    I’m thoroughly confused by your statement.


  • Dimidri

    It was reported for a long time he was eligible(not sure how) for the US, no longer true.


  • Not Soony Saad

    I assumed it was through his mother’s side. Anyway, he was quoted a few months ago as saying it was a possibility under consideration, but perhaps he is not eligible after all.


  • Alex

    He’s potentially eligible for England if he continues to reside in the country long enough … maybe that’s what you’re thinking of?


  • Not Soony Saad

    I can’t find the exact article that I read, but here’s a quote that he made last November:

    “I will always be Canadian, but all the options are open – Canada, Jamaica, possibly the USA and maybe one day England.”


  • nic d "the TEXAS 2 stepper"

    CANADA Need this Guy!

    If he wants to play in a WC he NEEDS CANADA!


  • GorillaNDrag&PantyHose

    if so, next move should be to move national team games away from BMO field. That place is a black hole of supreme negativity and self immolation. Reboot and play in Ottawa. Is there any possibility of getting them for this round of world cup qualifying


  • ehhh

    thats an absolute screamer, ball is moving everywhere. i dont know which is worse though, the keeper not doing better or this lad having his head down ready to strike as soon as he got the ball from the midfield stripe?


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