Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Marco Pappa

So it MAY have been wind aided, but so what? Still a great goal.


  • ThaDeuce

    still no write up on how d.c. finally got the monkey off their backs? come on sbi! i hope to see one tomorrow!


  • Polo

    Dan Kennedy should never officiate another MLS game. Ever.

    If you’re too much of a wuss to blow the whistle, don’t be a referee.

    (SBI-That’s probably why he’s a goalkeeper and not a ref. 😉 )


  • ericJ

    Good win by Seattle. Chicago fell over ALOT… Sagares will hear from the DC (crazy stupid/late tackle), and another late challenge at the end of the game. Stay classy Chicago.


  • This Guy

    EJ took 3 minutes to make it to the side for a sub? Montero is the biggest diver in MLS. Hardturdo elbowed Anibaba and that’s why the scuffle started. Stay informed ericJ.
    Segaras late tackle? When did this happen?


  • ericJ

    LOL if you are asking that question and saying that montero is the biggest diver in MLS… YOU should stay informed my friend. What Tackle? You know… the one when Rosales FIRST touched the ball practically. He even mentioned it post game.

    Also, EJ was quite easily onside for his goal.


  • divers suck

    Ref didn’t score an own goal (which incorrectly was given to Estrada) or bungle the ball in front of his own net letting JKH and EJ get to it or make the 30-40 mph winds (see above goal). Keep blaming the refs if it makes you feel better. It’s funny I didn’t see any players for either team complain much.


  • Fox, the Reactionary Network

    Gee, the only way Pappa can get a goal. But what do you expect from a guy with no moves, no passing skills and fails to stay in position? The rest of the team spent over ninety minutes not scoring. Hey, great offense. This is why so many fans dumped their season tickets and hardly anyone sits it the high priced sections.

    The Fire will spend a third year out of the playoffs.


  • Jeremy

    Or tell Oduro and Nyarko to quit flopping all over the field. Kennedy isn’t the best ref, but at least he wasn’t falling for that crap this time.


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