Must-See Goal: Mikel Arteta

MikelArteta (Gety)

Arsenal struck a death blow to Manchester City's title hopes, while boosting their own chances of securing third place in the English Premier League with Sunday's 1-0 victory at the Emirates. Mikel Arteta played the hero with a stunning long-range strike that was good enough to finish any match.

Here is Arteta's game-winning strike:

  • K-Town

    Great camera angle. The slow mo portion is a great clinic on how to strike a ball. Foot placement, eye on the ball even AFTER contact, and a nice follow through. For anyone wanting to improve their strike on ball this is textbook. So clean. And again, rarely will you find a better video angle.


  • Pitt Evertonian

    Reminded me of his amazing strike against Fiorentina in the UEFA Cup a few seasons ago. Dude oozes class at moments.


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    I know I get a lot stick for being a Man U fam but I started following them when Timmy started there and continued on. I of course follow and support all of our boys aboard, especially Dempsey and Bradley whose games I like. But you can’t tell me watching Man U close the gap, erase the deficit and then go 8 points clear hasn’t been pretty unthinkable just a few months ago. And over taking the goal difference as well. Come on you Red Devils! Stay even on points with City until the darby, and beat city and you win it all at the Etihad. Could there be any sweeter way to win it?


  • primoone

    Anyone who has ever played organized football knows that strike is not long distance…nice goal none the less.


  • Andy

    From a fan who watched Arsenal win it at the lane, NO sir, there is no sweeter way!


  • Andy

    At this level, and with the quality of keeping in the prem (especially Joe Hart), this qualifies as a long range strike in my book.


  • bodeguero

    Nice strike, important goal for the EPL title, fantastic camara work as mentioned above (I love how you can see the spin on the ball and its importance to the flight of the ball, but not a “must-see” goal.


  • jon

    for every “must see” goal posting, you always have these annoying and pointless comment that the goal was really good, i enjoyed watching, but it isn’t “must see.” perhaps ives should rename posting “goal you should see” or “goal you might enjoy watching if bored at work” or “really good goal but probably not quite as good as pele’s bycicly kick or that ibra goal from the dutch league that’s always linked to”


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