Match Highlights

Real Madrid 2, Bayern Munich 1: Match Highlights

  • Eurosnob

    Yes, La Liga is still the best league. Simply because Chelsea pulled a Rubin Kazan on Barcelona and Bayern edged Real in penalty kicks does not change the balance of power. Next year, Real and Barca will be contending for the Champions league title along with Bayern. Chelsea will most likely be in Europa league, unless they beat Bayern in the CL final.


  • Brad

    Are the teams or leagues doing anything to overturn the 2 yellows rules you out of the final rule? It’s just two yellows in two games. How can UEFA ban a player for that? It diminishes the quality of football.


  • rondo

    Just because Barca and RM contend in CL doesnt mean La Liga is the best. Thats an argument like how possession equals winning games. Both are wrong.


  • UKSubs

    and three of the semifinalists of the Europa League are Spanish.?

    The 7th placed team in Spain wiped the floor with the potential EPL Champion.

    The WC Champions all played in Spain, except Reina, Cesc and Torres.

    You can carry water for the EPL all you want, but that is the best staged show on earth. nothing else.


  • gstommylee

    They can’t appeal yellows. They can cause its a fifa rule for tournaments.


  • hush

    Just when I thought the Castellanos would rule the futbol world once again, we failed.SMH Unbelievable

    I hope Chelsea takes the Uefa,.. for the organization and fans, and clearly for the best league in the world. Mi Liga Espanola is nowhere near the Barclays when you compare competition inside the league. LA Liga goes through these moments every decade, no biggie.


  • Illmatic74

    And the 6th placed English team just beat the best Spanish team. And three Portuguese teams were semi-finalists in the Europa league last year yet I didn’t here any talk of Portuguese dominance. Chest thumping over which league is better is a little silly guys.


  • Polo

    Have to believe that Barca and Madrid were so drained by the Clasico in between their semi-final matches.

    Look at this schedule for Madrid…




  • OmarVizquel

    Is there a more reliable backbone to a team than Lahm, Schweinsteiger, and Neuer? Robben and Ribery add the necessary flair, but man. If I were going to start a team from scratch I’d be hard-pressed to pick among those 3.


  • Taylor

    yes, couldn’t have put it better. people get so hung up on how the Manchesters lost in both European competitions. yea, that doesn’t look good, but that is actually more a testament to how difficult the Premier League really is. they couldn’t afford to take one week off in the league because the other team will always make you pay. meanwhile, the 6th place team in the league is going to the final, as their focus on Europe has obviously hindered their league standings.

    Real and Barca are incredible teams and these losses don’t change that, it just goes to show that they can be beat by the best in Europe, and really can afford to relax in the league like no other European giants are allowed(didn’t Bayern just lose in the league in b/w these two fixtures?) La Liga may have the two best teams in the world, but the depth in quality teams n the league doesn’t come near England or Germany


  • BSU SC

    It’s a debate that’s been around as long as professional soccer. Let people be silly, it’s always a fun discussion.


  • Taylor

    seriously, Neuer is an absolute animal. I can’t imagine walking up to the penalty spot and seeing his massive frame taking up the goal. there’s just nowhere to put it


  • Northzax

    And Chelsea had Barca-arsenal-Barca. BM obviously decided to concede the league to beat Real. These are some of the deepest, richest clubs in the world. This is the week you spend hundreds of millions of Euros for.


  • Eurosnob

    I agree with most of what you said, but I strongly disagree with your suggestion that La Liga has less quality depth than EPL or Bundesliga. Europa League is a pretty good barometor of the strength of midtable teams, but had 3 Spanish teams in the semifinals, one of which completely outplayed the best team in the EPL. Also, the difference between Barcelona’s and Manchester United’s defeats is how they lost. Atletic Bilbao took the game to ManUtd and completely outplayed the best EPL team. And it was not even close. As for Chelsea, they got the result by parking the bus and kicking hopeful long balls that happened to bounce thier way. This is very similar to how the US got the result against Spain in the Conferations Cup and Rubin Kazan beat Barcelona a couple of seasons ago, although the US and Rubin were parking the bus to a lesser extent than Chelsea did. But one result does not make US superior to Spain, Rubin Kazan or Chelsea superior to Barcelona.


  • KarlthewonderYak

    I don’t care what league is best. I can’t watch La Liga because of the damn whistling. It’s ss bad as the vuvuzelas.


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