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Rolfe returns to MLS, Chicago Fire


photo by ISIphotos.com

Chris Rolfe is back in MLS and with the same team he last played for before trying his hand in Europe.

Rolfe rejoined the Chicago Fire after spending the last three seasons with Danish club Aalborg BK, the Fire announced Monday. Terms of Rolfe's new deal with the Fire were not disclosed as per club and league policy, but it was announced that he and Aalborg mutually parted ways prior to his arrival in Chicago. 

The 29-year-old's return brings him back to the club where he first started his professional career in 2005. Rolfe is Chicago's second all-time leading scorer, having scored 40 goals while delivering 20 assists in 149 games across all competitions for the Fire.

Rolfe appeared 32 times and scored six goals in his three seasons with Aalborg. He will be available for selection for head coach Frank Klopas in Chicago's upcoming match versus Toronto FC at BMO Field on Saturday. 

What do you think of Rolfe returning to MLS/Chicago? Expecting him to be an imposing figure in the league again? Where should Klopas play Rolfe?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Josh From GA

    Very happy! He is on of the 1st players that made watching the MLS interesting to me…he also could be my twin.


  • Reid

    Great news, always thought it was a joke that Chicago let this guy go (most likely low balling him) while at the same time giving Justin Mapp $250k-ish.
    Being a MLS supporter more then supporting one particular team, it was pretty obvious that MLS/Chicago cheaped out and in so doing MLS fan lost a quality american soccer player


  • al17

    Fire didn’t let Chris go. He took advantage of an opportunity that was available.

    Alot of Fire including this one is very, very happy to have him back. Quality footballer and just an all around good guy.


  • Creige VA

    Rolfe oozes skill but was never a prolific goal scorer when used as a forward. Very glad he’s back but expected bigger things from him in Europe.


  • Mgrich

    How is it that Chicago got him back after his time in Europe? Why didn’t he have to go through a player lottery?


  • Barry

    If a team offers a player a contract, but the player declines the contract and leaves on a free transfer to another league, the team retains the player’s rights in MLS.


  • Felix

    Its great to see Rolfe return, he is one of the better Fire players to don the red – that being said, where’s he going to play? We are pretty stacked going forward, with Oduro, Nyarko, Pappa and Grazini.

    We need help in the back.


  • abc

    Quality player, glad to have him back in the league.
    I thought he should have been called in by Klinsmann to the last January camp. Hopefully he can perform well enough to get an invite to the next one.


  • MMV

    Solid, familiar pick up for the Fire. Surprising that Rolfe is returning. He supposedly had some interest from other teams in and outside Europe. He played well but battled some injuries at AaB. if I remember correctly, foreigners in Denmark earn some ridiculous tax breaks for 3 years but once that comes to an end, they skyrocket. So most of the foreign players become expendable or move on to other leagues. I can only assume this played a role in AaB being able to mutually cancel the remaining few months on his deal.


  • The Old Coach

    Actually, I think that was extended to five years–that’s why Parkhurst re-signed with his team.


  • The Old Coach

    With the exception of Dave Sarachan’s time in Chicago, Rolfe got slotted into a midfield role for most of his career with the Fire and Aalborg. He played forward well enough in his rookie season to be a starter and be runner-up to Parkhurst for rookie of the year honors. His natural position as always been as a striker.


  • Mike r

    Disagree he was a very good finisher at forward. However he was fragile and later was put in midfield in an effort to squeeze his talent onto the field. Midfield was not his forte.


  • Mike r

    I would love to see him start but since he’s made of glass it’s probably smarter to have him come off the bench. I think a Rolfe Puppo paring in the late stages could be dangerous..especially after Oduro and Nyarko run at defenses for 65 minutes and miss 30 clear opportunities to score.

    If only Oduro and Nyarko could finish like Rolfe… If only Rolfe had their speed and durability


  • Fox, the Reactionary Network

    Careful Fire fans, Rolfe has had an abundance of injuries.


  • Modibo

    Holy s**t!

    Rolfe’s goal against AC Milan in 2005 converted me from a soccer fan to a Fire fan. Before that, I didn’t rate the league at all… I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way.

    The rest of his playing career is what iced it for me, though. He’s got drive, tons of class, and a booming shot from distance. It’ll be interesting to see where Frankie plays him. I’m very stoked to see the next match!


  • Modibo

    He did show growth as a midfielder, though. He developed a booming shot with a lightning quick release that made him a threat from 25 and out. That growth is one of the things I liked the most about him – even playing a bit out of position he was able to contribute and build on his game. Looking forward to his contributions to the new-look Fire.


  • Matt

    Will never forget his performance (as a rookie) against DC United in the first playoff leg. Totally smoked us in the first half as I recall. First young player I saw live that I thought, man, this league has gotten better. Happy to see him back.


  • Victor

    Question, since he’s been gone for awhile how do the Fire still own his rights and how come he didn’t have to go through an allocation order?


  • Waterlewd

    I don’t think Rolfe is in the USMNT player pool, so that could be the reason he doesn’t have to go through the allocation process. There’s also a rule that the MLS team that last offered a contract while his last contract was expiring still owns his rights.


  • Allen23

    I could see this as their starting lineup, Pause being the odd man out.






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