CONCACAF Champions League

A look back at the 2011-12 CCL

  • BSU SC

    I’d prefer not to look back. What an awful thing to experience for any MLS fan.


  • Footballer

    Awful because MLS did not win? The reality is all these commentators need to stop the whole MLS will win it next year slogan. Obviously MLS doesn’t have the talent on teams to compete with Mexico. And they don’t have the money either to out muscle these Mexican teams. MLS is not there yet and won’t be for a couple more years. Every new team the league adds dilutes the talent available and all these college kids with no first touch and no business playing professional soccer are not going to grow the game in this country.


  • FatMonkeyW/ToeBunion

    this tournament should be scrapped. mexico wants to join conmebol, and everyone watches european champions league. i’m ok w/never playing the mexican clubs.


  • KokoTheGorillaWill-F-U-Up

    however, if you want to improve CCL invite two colombian teams (or 1 col & 1 ecuadorian). hell, mls has more colombians then are actually in the colombian league so its a natural fit. besides, Tim Vickery says colombians respect mls. as for travel, its about as far as panama. speaking of, nah forget it they suck. i was gonna say if costa rica gets rid of the small teams and joins 6 big ones w/2 panama & 2 Trinidad, then that league would be superfreaking powerful


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