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Cameron attracting interest from Europe

Geoff Cameron 3 (Getty Images)


ORLANDO, Fla.– Geoff Cameron's time with the Houston Dynamo could be coming to a close in the near future.

The Dynamo centerback is currently attracting interest from several clubs abroad, sources with knowledge of the situation told SBI on Thursday. The clubs eyeing the versatile 26-year-old have not been identified, but there are potential suitors in Germany, England, Portugal and Holland.

Cameron's current deal with the Dynamo runs through the end of this season with two optional years after that, but sources tell SBI the U.S. men's national team defender is keen on moving.

Cameron has started in all 10 of the Dynamo's games this season, and he was a vital part of the club's run to the MLS Cup final in 2011. He has impressed U.S. national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann enough to be a part of the current U.S. national team camp, where he has become one of Klinsmann's top four centerback options.

What do you think of Cameron attracting interest from clubs overseas? What league do you think would suit him best? Think the Dynamo will sell him?

Share your thoughts below.

  • hush

    I was one about a 1 1/2 half that thought Cameron was just a decent player. Then I watched him in a USMNT and in a few Dynamo matches. He is probably the 3rd best CB in our pool. Yes I said it. I really though Ream & Gonzo were ahead of him until I watched the dude play. He can play from the back with great pace and technical ability. His technical ability is sooooo underated I might add. Too bad that Dynamo defense makes him look at times weak. I’m not sure what Dynamo is going to do without him.


  • hush

    ^^^*I was one of those people about a half a year ago that thought*….etc


  • Edwin in LA

    Start Jermaine Taylor or move Hainault central and put Taylor at Right back…or Kofi Sarkodie at Right back after moving Hainault to CB…..

    They need a #10 type of player…wonder what’s the deal with D’Alessandro, he hasn’t played much for Inter of Brazil lately….?


  • Helium-3

    One of the things that differentiate him from others is his intensity or passion and you can see he tries to make a difference every time he gets near the goal rather than always make the safe pass. You can see the same quality in other young players that Klinsi called up like Zusi.


  • DC Josh

    Cameron and Ream are our future center back pairing. We need more technical players to compete on the international level.


  • Jason

    why does everyone keep saying that Cameron has had a bad year? Which goal all year was because of his play?


  • NaranjaFanatic

    For starters, both goals in Seattle were gifts from Cameron and although Hall shouldn’t have been beaten near post last week in New England, it was Cameron’s flub at midfield that caused the situation. I think he has seemed distracted this year.


  • NaranjaFanatic

    I almost forgot about the goal he gifted Columbus on an attempted back pass to Hall.


  • Air Jordanz

    The problem is, without Cameron, all of the Dynamo’s defensive speed is concentrated with Ashe at LB. Putting in Sarkodie at RB mitigates this somewhat, but a Boswell and Taylor/Hainault pairing is gonna be slow.

    This was evident last Saturday when Cameron went forward into the attack, lost the ball to Sene and nobody could cover for him because Sene was too fast.


  • Air Jordanz

    I’ll give you the PK foul on Levesque, even though it was a soft, soft call.

    The Estrada deflection was 100% bad luck… nothing Geoff could have done on that one.


  • Air Jordanz

    Wrong again. Corey Ashe made that back pass.

    If it weren’t for Ashe getting in Cameron’s way–Geoff had Cooper covered perfectly at the time of that play–there would not have been a goal.

    Cameron’s made his mistakes this year, but at least identify them correctly!


  • Sir Alex

    Just to put things into perspective.

    Goeff will not be paid the same wages Ramos and Pique are making. In other words, your perspective is ridiculous.


  • boyton

    That back pass error Ashe made was not vs. Columbus, it was against the Red Bulls in the Dynamo’s 1-0 loss there. Saw it with my own eyes!


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