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Muamba discusses his comeback

  • jtk

    I would be petrified to play another game at that level after that happened. Not sure I could do it unless I had a good reason to think it wouldn’t happen again … and I’d still be scared. Best of luck to him.


  • BSU SC

    Wow! He looks great. Glad to see him back on his feet. Hopefully he has a speedy recover free of any road blocks. Cheers, Fabrice!


  • Dennis

    I have suffered from ventricular tachycardia for over 30 years and have had an Implantable Cardioversion Device for 15 years. I have been cardioverted by doctors in the ER with paddles while I was conscious, also while I was sedated(much nicer) and by the ICD while exercising. For those who know what it is, I have also had 4 ablation attempts over 15 years, perhaps the last was finally completely successful.
    I do not know anything Fabrice’s particular arrhythmia, but I know all about living with the possibility of dropping dead of what they call “sudden death”. It takes a certain healthy optimism and probably a bit of less healthy denial to continue to compete at an intense level. I know some who become petrified to exert themselves in any way after such an event and others who continue to be competitive athletes (none as talented as Fabrice, but no less intense). I wish Fabrice well in whatever path he takes.


  • AdamFromMich

    Best of luck to you, and also to Fabrice. Hopefully he can recover completely and be able to compete at whatever level he chooses.


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