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MLS suspends Alonso, Jimenez

Alonso (Getty Images)

A pair of mid-week challenges have led to two more players being suspended by the MLS Disciplinary Committee. 

Seattle Sounders midfielder Osvaldo Alonso was suspended two games, and Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Hector Jimenez was suspended one for their two-footed, studs-up challenges on Wednesday night. 

Alonso joins Leo Gonzalez, Zach Scott, Alvaro Fernandez and Eddie Johnson as Sounders who have been fined and/or suspended this season under the league's new policy. He entered into a challenge on Columbus' Cole Grossman in the 82nd minute of their match but was not carded for it. Jimenez, however, was sent off for his tackle on San Jose's Steve Beitashour, but the MLS DC elected to suspend him an additional game on top of the automatic one-game he'll have to miss for drawing a red card.

Video of both incidents is after the jump:

  • Ken

    Neither of these guys should have any complaints. As a Sounders fan, I’ll take the suspension and move on.


  • Casey

    Can’t say I disagree. I just was mystified by the official in the Galaxy game how one thing was a card and on the opposite literally the same foul and nothing. What Jimenez did was not needed and was even in their attacking third. Just not sure how Lenhart wasn’t thrown out.


  • d

    Not only was Alonzo not given a card, no foul was called on the challenge. This was nit the only questionable call in the game and maybe MLS should take a look at some more footage.


  • Ciscokid

    Well, Ozzie will be starting up to 2 USOC games since he can’t play in MLS until June 20.

    I was at the game and didn’t even see the foul. There was so much time wasting being executed by the Crew, I just assumed it was more of the same. At least in this case the guy actually had a reason to be on the ground.


  • djs

    I call b.s. on the Crew engaging in time-wasting — yes they packed it in and played for the counter, but aside from Grossman the other guys who went down were cramping up because they weren’t really match-fit. They were either just coming off lengthy injury absences or hadn’t played 90 minutes this season — issues they were further aggravated by playing on the artificial turf…


  • Mike

    Seattle gets away with all sorts of crap on a regular basis. The fact that the league is FINALLY holding them accountable for the dives and cheapshots on the field is refreshing. Still a long way to go.

    And Seattle is not the only team with some players like that.


  • WK

    How ’bout Beckham’s slap on Marvin Chavez and asking if he wanted to meet in the parking lot to fight after the game? A second yellow would’ve been even funnier after his embarrassing nite.


  • bcoug

    The Sounders got what they deserved by allowing two soft goals to Columbus, so I’m not blaming the Crew for their tactics.
    However, to claim that they weren’t engaging in more than a little gamesmanship throughout the second half is either having thick partisan blinders on or being very naive. (The Alonso tackle being an obvious exception – that was no exaggeration.)


  • No name

    Deserved suspension, we all knew it was coming. What puzzles me is how the ref didn’t even make a call on that tackle. If you go back to the footage, he was staring at the play the whole time and it was like physically he was there but mentally at another game. I like that MLS is coming out and doing the right thing with blown calls, but at the same time it’s embarrassing because they have to do it because the refs are terrible. Accept the suspension and move on.


  • marco

    Besides Alonso’s studs up tackle, Sigi has another discipline problem. El Flaco Fernandez basically quit playing for much of the first half when he didn’t get the calls. He either chased the ref or sat on the turf and pouted. Sigi needs to sit him out a game or two.


  • the442

    I applaud the MLS Disciplinary Committee, but there are still a lot of incidents that go unpunished (ie Beckham’s slap on Chavez and Lenhart’s consistent manhandling of opponents).


  • Carl

    If you think that was time wasting, you need to get some perspective. Crew were better than 70% of teams in the same situation.

    Alonso should have been sent off about three times in that game. He had a crunching tackle in the first half that was certainly yellow, maybe red.

    Sounders fans are sooooo outraged over Brian Mullan’s tackle. Well clean up your own house you hypocrites.


  • Carl

    Alonso is much worse than Brian Mullan. This kind of stuff is week in and week out.

    Also the league should suspend the Crew – Sounders ref. Seattle got every call and still lost 🙂


  • steve B

    I realize I’m biased as a Galaxy fan who was at the game, but trying to watch the replay as an independent viewer, I have trouble justifying that tackle as a RED card. In slow motion, it appears that Jimenez BARELY touches the San Jose player. Of course any two footed studs up tackle is dangerous, but my questions is, Was the red card for going studs up, or for fouling the player? …because I didn’t see much of the latter.

    Anyone else see that?


  • PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo

    Did not see the game, but these replays hardly merit a red…though on the play by play they say they heard the cleats up in the booth…so maybe it sounded worse than it was…


  • Diablo

    I find it interesting that nobody complains about what they call “thug” play like Sounders fans. Yet week in and week out it is Sounders players who are being disciplined for this type of play. Could it be that the Sounders are divers AND thugs?


  • dasmoots

    sounders fans & rsl fans tend to complain the most about every thing that happens to them (from refs or other teams players).

    funny then how the sounders and rsl seem to have a lot of their players getting reds + suspensions.

    complain all you want about lenhart but which teams have the most yellows/reds and suspensions.

    go quakes!


  • Lassidawg

    I haven’t read any sounder fans on here complaining about the suspension. Flaco is the only real diver on the team. Rosales gets hammered each game with little happening to the other team.
    I love the jealousy of a 4th year team with 3 cups.


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