Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Fredy Montero

  • Steve T.

    Between Suarez, Cisse, and this, its been an incredible week for highlights.


  • Taylor

    ive seen him let it rip from there a lot and wonder why, now i know. damn fredy. that was ridiculous. what a day for great goals. couldn’t stop watching cisse’s too goals today, now i’m repeating this one over and over. love it


  • Good Jeremy

    Nice goal. Wishing Saunders was better and we still had Ricketts.


  • Gnarls

    Fantastic goal by Montero.

    Can’t blame Gaudette for this loss. He made some great saves, but the two that got by were class.


  • JJ

    That was a good one. If the net didn’t stop it, it would have hit me in the nose. Great game!


  • The Dream

    His first goal of the season? This guy is a joke.
    (Sarcasm, Sounders fans. Calm down)


  • Will

    Hate it when Sounders fans flood the ballots for some questionable MLS GOTWs, but this is GOTW and could be GOTY


  • Chuck

    Dang, Granny didn’t stood up for that one. She has HIGHER standards for goals!


  • Brett

    Easier than it looks when you get that much time and space to line it up. Hell of a goal, but I think there have already been better MLS goals this season.


  • CentralScrutinizer

    Unfunny and insensitive. Also, I haven’t heard any report saying the issue relates to alcohol.


  • Incognito

    Montero’s goal was really classy (although Juninho did goals like that two times in a row against Seattle and no one really cared) but Johnson’s was just standard Gaudette couldn’t tell how it would bounce, that’s why he didn’t save it.


  • Fred

    They put Shalrie in the penalty box (MLS Substance Abuse program) in 2010 for WEED man, weed!


  • Incognito

    I don’t see how people think this is the best goal of the season (so far) seriously, he had time and took a good shot from range and Gaudette misjudged it (like he misjudged Johnson’s shot) just because Montero scores doesn’t mean it’s the goal of the year.


  • peterjh

    We’ll put you out there with nobody on the field and see if you can repro it. Think you can do it?


  • Gnarls

    I was hoping for another 30 yard Juninho bomb last night, but no dice. Just wasn’t LA’s night.


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