SBI MLS Team of the Week

SBI MLS Team of the Week: D.C. United

D.C. United 1 (Getty Images)

Two games in a four-day span were no problem for D.C. United, as they continued to climb up the Eastern Conference with back-to-back victories this past week.

D.C. United claimed the SBI MLS Team of the Week award after posting a 2-0 win over the Colorado Rapids on Wednesday and a 3-1 win over Toronto FC Saturday. Those two results helped United leapfrog Sporting Kansas City in the standings, and they are now only second to the New York Red Bulls in the Eastern Conference.

United beat out the Red Bulls, the Portland Timbers, and Chivas USA for this week's honors.

What do you think of D.C. United winning the SBI MLS Team of the Week award? Agree?

Share your thoughts below.

  • GSScasual

    I mean they deserve it.. after all they are on a 5 game winning streak with a rookie goal keeper and with most starters out due to injuries… OH WAIT.. thats a different team. unbelievable. this is me sharing my thoughts below.


  • Lost in Space

    You do realize that DC has just as many starters out with injuries as NYRB and have a keeper who’s 1 year ahead of NYRB’s rookie keeper (but is younger) right? Besides playing more matches in a shorter period of time the NYRB. You do recognize that right?

    Besides, DC’s winning in a more entertaining fashon that NYRB’s.


  • elgringorico

    Yeah, also the same team that trounced your team 4-1 about a month ago. That being said, nobody is denying NYRB Team of the Month, which surely they’ll receive right before losing to DC again. 🙂


  • fischy

    Cute. In reality, since their rough start when all the new pieces hadn’t had time to mesh, the team has won 7 games, drawn 2, and lost only a pair. Their goalie is actually 10 days younger than the Red Bulls’ keeper. They have lost 3 of their 4 centerbacks to injuries (at the same time!) and throw in an injury to the starting right back. They had to move Andy Najar to defense, where he hadn’t played since he was 16, because they only had 3 healthy defenders. They lost their first-round pick/starting left back to injury and the guy who regained a starting spot after losing it to that rookie — now both are out.

    And, they still dominated both games they played this week. Not too shabby.


  • rke

    It’s been rough for DC. With all those injuries, they had to go to their bench and throw two DP’s into the starting lineup!

    Not too shabby indeed!



  • fischy

    …And I have to like Meara since he grew up a few miles from where I grew up, just a couple of exits down the Bronx River Parkway.


  • JoeW

    The team from NY and DCU used to be one of the premier rivalries in MLS. Not just between towns or supporters groups, but you even had long-time friends like Tab Ramos and John Harkes going at each other on the field. You had coaches (like Ray Hudson) saying things like “the Meadowlands…that’s where satan lives”. Or Eskandarian spewing Red Bull after scoring a goal or another former DCU player (who shall remain nameless) scoring a goal for NY against DCU and then doing to the DC supporters groups and kissing the badge of his new team. We’re not just talking a city rivalry or a rivalry between two competitors but one filled with hate and a desire provide a serious smack down. Christian Gomez suspended for a match against NY on the road…so he takes he drives to the Meadowlands and stands in the stands playing the drums with the Barra Brava.

    But when one team is really bad (as in: not making the playoffs for multiple years), it’s hard for the same level of passion to exist in that rivalry and hatred.

    Now we’ve got two teams (DCU and NYRB) who, if they aren’t pretty good, aren’t at least pretty bad. Their games can have significant implications for the playoffs and bragging rights. It’s good for the league that two teams, supporters groups, and cities that have generally had such hatred for each other, can now stoke that feeling.


  • adam

    At a US Open Cup match years ago (when Altidore was still with the team), a NYRB “supporter” took a scarf right off my back and ran into his supporters section. Never saw it again. I hate their supporters, and I hate their team. But I love this rivalry.


  • 99

    omg, you forgot to include Diva Marquez in your list of RBNY problems.

    Vamos United!


  • ThaDeuce

    D.C. has six starters out currently, and one sub (ethan white) that would have been starting with the current injuries but is injured as well. so six and a half starters are out on a team that fields eleven. and they are winning. pretty impressive depth.


  • wanker

    Any PDL team could beat TFC right now so that win was no great feat. DC United and their fans are and always will be SCUM!


  • Tyler

    We won twice in a week. We have played more games than any other team. At the end of the season we will head into the playoffs feeling much fresher than other teams because our matches are so spaced out in the coming months. All we have to do is keep getting results #vamosunited!


  • wanker

    After the other EC teams catch up in games DC will be out of the playoff picture… just like last year and the year before that!


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