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Studio 90: Fans Visit Training in Orlando as MNT Preparation

  • 2tone

    Yep! It’s a down payment which means no qualification you get the down payment back. But c’mon do you really think teh U.>S won’t qualify.


  • Yellow Submarine

    Well, he certainly ruined his kit by getting “Road to Brasil” on it.


  • Raymon

    Great seeing the hardcore AO types already hyped up for Brazil. Great that the team, from Klinsmann to Timmysafehands, to MB, all being that accessible. Good luck to the team!


  • bryan

    right, but we knew Howard was. everyone called into the initial 16 was going to be there by the 20th. that was the point.


  • SoCal Soccer Mom

    Many years (the late 90s?)ago my son and I went to see the team train when they were at the Olympic Training Center in Southern California.

    There were five people (counting us two) who came to watch. How things have changed!


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