U.S. Men's National Team

Studio 90: USMNT begins training camp

  • James

    She reminds me of Keri Lynn Pratt, who played the annoyingly bubbly reporter, Cat Grant, on Smallville.


  • Dos

    What is the best case scenario with Kyle Beckerman?

    Love JK mixing it up with some 5 v 2 in the background


  • Air Jordanz

    That he does not dress and that Bradley and Jones/Edu start with the other on the bench with Jose Torres.


  • Steve

    Wow, that Heather Soltis, just stunningly beautiful. Can’t get her out of my mind.


  • marco

    It will be very important to see the ‘toughness’ of the team against Scotland without risking injury.


  • marco

    Besides her looks, one waits with anticipation to hear what words she will take up an octave or two. Great ValleySpeak if your into that thing.


  • KG

    Danny Williams looks to be healthy! looks like we actually have a little bit of depth at the various positions that he’s taken up for c&c (fullback, centerback, center mid, and unfortunately winger)


  • BrianK

    Take it easy on Heather! She is doing a Good job and she is not hard on the eyes. You guys can be a tough crowd!

    I am a little bummed,…as I was in Orlando on vacation and staying in the hotel the team is staying at. I left on Wednesday morning when the team was arriving. One more day would have been nice! Damn!


  • Dainja

    Look, say what ya’ll want about “Becky” (or whatever her name is)…she’s ten times less dreadful and slightly creepy than Michael Kammaran. YIKES!


  • bryan

    1. i wish this thing was about 10 times longer. i didn’t want it to end.
    2. it needs to be sunday with the roster announced.


  • Jeff

    Anyone seen the question asked why no Sacha or Beasley and a couple of nobody’s instead? Seems all the USMNT news coverage is puff pieces and cheerleading. How about some hard questions? I realize that isn’t this reporters job but it ought to be somebody’s.


  • Bromigo

    Bro’s, she is not stunningly beautiful. I mean, if she asked me out I’d probably say ‘yeah, sure.’ But i’d be hella casual about it.

    Is it just me, or is she just another above-average looking girl that was probably a sorostitute in college? Maybe?


  • Call Up Lichaj

    Castillo. Beckerman. (Not NT caliber)

    Corona. (Probably will be good, not ready)


  • Call Up Lichaj

    Does Anyone know Alfredo Morales’s full story? More specifically, what is his connection to the US?

    I know he was born in Germany and his father is Peruvian. Is his mother American? Did his father live in the US/become a citizen at some point?


  • marco

    I do know that the Berlin coach didn’t release him and then never played him for one minute the rest of the season.


  • ChrisTheLSUTiger

    His dad served in the US Army but was originally born in Peru. Morales was born in Germany and thus has triple citizenship.


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