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Union deal Califf to Chivas USA for Lahoud, allocation

Danny Califf (Getty Images)

Danny Califf is officially done playing for the Philadelphia Union.

The Union traded Califf to Chivas USA in exchange for midfielder Michael Lahoud and allocation money, the clubs announced on Thursday. The deal comes on the same day Chivas USA traded defender Heath Pearce and future considerations to acquire forward Juan Agudelo from the New York Red Bulls.

Califf joined the Union in 2010 and played in 65 matches during his time with the club. He scored one goal and recorded one assist in that time. Lahoud, who has made 64 appearances for Chivas USA since getting selected in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft, has scored twice and assisted seven times in his career.

What do you think of the trade? Do you see Califf doing well with Chivas USA? Like what the Union got in return?

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  • Tyler

    Chivas wheeling and dealing.. Good for them, they needed to shake things up IMHO..


  • Tony in Quakeland

    I guess they are tired of all the blank stares they get when they say, “Chivas USA”


  • Thebumswillalwayslose

    Chivas fans, fill us in. How good is Lahoud? I remember hearing some noise about him coming out of college, but can’t say I’ve heard much since (granted, I don’t follow Chivas very closely or, well….at all). Where does he slot into a lineup best?

    Nowak is playing a dangerous game with the Union. I understand wanting to get younger and build for the future, but getting rid of ALL of your veteran leadership is super risky. Even though he was injured a bunch this year, Califf was still the heart and soul of that team and the captain.

    As a Union fan, all I can say is that I HOPE Nowak has a plan here, because I’m not seeing it on the field. No consistency anywhere in terms of line-ups, head-scratching substitutions, ego-driven player decisions. Dude’s won MLS cup before so I’m willing to reserve judgment and let this play out, but it’s not easy to watch.


  • C G

    Great, just what we need another midfielder. No depth in the back now, the only “fan’ favorite is Torres. Nice job Peter dismantle a playoff team from last year, flip off the fans with a smile on your face and you’ll probably be surprised if you get booed next home game. Supremer Leader Nowak is a great observation.


  • Joe from Philly

    He’s been getting booed for a while now. I’d expect it to continue until he leaves.

    All of his decisions are ego based, and have been since he coached in DC. He seems to trade or at least bench any player that starts getting to many cheers or too much press. Insecure little man that he is.


  • Dinho

    I’m sure Danny is happy to be rid of Nowak and be back close to home. Good for him. I wish him all the best, despite him playing for Chivas USA.


  • Dave

    Is it ego or getting rid of anyone who can defy him. I think he is setting up a personality cult and doesn’t want any other leaders.

    IOW, I like my paranoid conspiracy theory better that yours.


  • jedik

    Lahoud is pretty good. Has great speed, never gives up on balls, can defend, can go up and give good service, his finishing is blah, though. Anyways, he was a beast for us at Right Wing during preseason before he got injured.

    He can play on the wing and also as an overlapping fullback.


  • TimmyU

    Of the base of fans that Chivas is marketed toward? Or just in general? I could see Agudelo moving the needle with USMNT fans and some of the Galaxy fans but not droves. The rumor of Marquez being moved in the trade instead of Agudelo would have made more sense for trying to appeal to the FMF and Mexican futbol fan.


  • Dinho

    I think long-time Galaxy fans (perhaps now Chivas fans?) will appreciate having Danny back in the area and will be happy to have him anchor the defense.


  • Aduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    did you guys read that rumor in spanish of Raul to chivas? i know there are rumors left and right, but what if chivas are finally making moves relative to their status as a representative of LA


  • D

    Nowak is a clown, but your all nuts if you think that Danny Califf is anything special.

    At least we (Union fans) won’t have to see him get burnt on a run coming near post again. There is a reason that he wasn’t captain last year.

    It’s not that moves that are the problem. It’s the tactics that are terrible. So Nowak still sucks.


  • ec

    Look at Chivas being a player! I never liked Califf getting USMNT minutes (or bench space, unless we had injuries), but he’s a nice CB in MLS.


  • marco

    Chivas may contend for play-off spot with Califf and Agudelo. If not they’ll be more exciting.


  • Adam

    As a Philly fan, I despise Nowak and the Union owners. They have absolutely ruined our team this year. I won’t watch another Union game until Nowak is gone. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.


  • SnoopDogg

    this should help Chivas alot in winning at home. the team’s problem is that they’re scared sh** of their own fans, and thats why they pis$ themselves in thinking their own fans will jack them after. califf is a thug whos got their back.


  • Eddie

    LA should be embrassed with the way their playing so Idk why your so proud of LAG, just with 3 of their players stepping on the pitch everytime its over 12 MILLION DOLLARS!! and they play like crap, atleast chivas have an excuse that they dont have million dollar players whats LA’s excuse? their deep pockets arent doing crap now…


  • Eddie

    he’s a great player, super fast, good with the ball, mostly right back or even left back, over all hes loved by many of us here, the thing with chivas usa is that we’re a good community all the players come out and hang with the fans, and lahoud was one of them he has great charities idk if he will continue them their in philly I hope you guys support his charities, but he has alot of potential, he got hurt at the end of perseason, but he was the all star of pre season, 3 goals, 5 assists and we just barely got him back now, but he got traded to philly, hope he does well, and i hope califf does well for us too


  • Joe from Philly

    Fair enough.

    Either way, I think we should take Pete out back of the stadium and give him a wedgie in front of all the other kids. If we do it before every game, he might eventually come around.


  • Snyder

    Lahoud runs and runs, but his touch on the ball is terrible and there isn’t a creative bone in his body.

    Bench fodder.

    Philly had better be picking up a DP striker with that extra allocation money.


  • shchors

    How do you say hubris in Polish? Perhaps there is a similar word in Ukrainian(GM Sakiewicz). Novak is patronizing the fans, as if we just learned the sport yesterday. Soccer has been played in some Philly neighborhoods since the turn of the last century. Philly soccer fans know smart soccer when they see it; and the recognize stupid soccer right away. Fielding a team of smerfs with center backs no taller than 5’10” gets you nowhere in the MLS. Now the Union gets rid of its only dominant header of the ball and replaces him with yet another “versatile” midfielder who is 5’8″ (95% of the Union are b/w 5’6″ and 5″8″)and is nothing more than a role player. I fear that the Union won’t be around in 2-3 years. Ownership is not willing to spend that allocation money.


  • D

    Honestly. I feel like Nowak only wants players like himself: possession style jerks. He loads up on people who can keep possesion, but no flank players, no arial threats on offense or D, nobdy who looks for the killer ball.

    I wasn’t a Califf fan, but we could barely defend set pieces with him, what does Nowak is going to happen w/ out him. 3 years to fix the set piece problem and no progress.

    Plus, he has half our team trying to hack players to give them more free kicks.


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