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USA vs. Scotland: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. Men's national team kicks off a series of five matches in three weeks with a friendly against Scotland in Jacksonville, Florida tonight (8pm, NBC Sports Network).

The match is the start of a busy run that will culminate with the Americans opening qualifying for the 2012 World Cup with matches against Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala.

The USA will be without Clint Dempsey for tonight's match, but Landon Donovan is back in the fold for the USA, and is in the starting lineup.

SBI will be providing live commentary through out the evening so please feel free to follow along with us. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

  • Jamie

    Anybody have Guatemala/Antigua and Barbuda rosters? Marco Pappa didn’t play in their friendly the other day, is he playing for them?


  • Gotim

    Dude, Bradley started nearly every game for Chievo Verona this year. You are copying and pasting old Bradley rants from last year.


  • Matt Snyder

    Matt – You are simply NOT informed of facts. Bradley has STARTED EVERY game he has been eligible for – for Chiveo (31 games+), played the 2nd most minutes out all players on his team, and has drawn RAVE reviews from fellow teammates and the coaching staff. The fans are calling him “The General”. They LOVE him. Try googling a recent NY Times article….if you can bear eating crow. I doubt it though….


  • Matt

    Actually no i wont be eating crow ever about Bradley, The simple fact of the matter is he has had 1 good game for every five from the very second he put on the US nats Jersey. The same for Dempsey, i will not agree with any of the hype either one of these players show until they show consistency, Dempsey for YEARS has been playing better for his club than the nats. Bradley had a good game yes, but it was against a very weak midfield, we’ll see if he really deserves the praise against Brazil


  • Matt

    also @ ives, notice how i didnt comment on anything during the Italy? Hold your breathe for this one because i might be shocker, maybe not all of us think your website warrents reading every single game and every single day? Especially when i come on here and see articles about how trash like Marquez is “finally having fun on the pitch”.

    Well big woopdy doo, some readers do have lives outside of soccer and cant always read a random blog, your website isnt #1 on my priority list


  • Shaggy

    That’s JK’s plan so you can’t tell we have 9 defenders on the field. 🙂


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