U.S. Men's National Team

Behind the Crest: The World Cup Qualifying Grind

  • froboy

    I am constantly impressed by the quality of these videos, wish they would get on TV somehow, I think it would make a great special on ESPN or HBO (or Fox Soccer for Ives).


  • bryan

    someone PLEASE tell howard, boca, jozy, and bradley to put the collars down. so lame.

    love these videos though. and we actually heard Johnson speak!!! i really wish this was a weekly show.


  • Joe Creighton

    I agree completely. USSF has put a lot of work into connecting with the fans. It is paying off. I feel more connected to the players through the tremendous, documentary style of these videos. Good work and keep e’m coming!


  • bryan

    yo IVes, can you get some info on this story that the USMNT snubbed US troops greeting them when they got off the airplace in Guatemala. this is literally fuel to the fire of anyone who hates soccer.

    (SBI-That was a bogus story.)


  • Jason B

    Sounds like it could have been blown a little out of proportion to me, considering that at least 3 members of the team that traveled to Guatemala are sons of servicemembers.

    They wouldn’t “snub” them on purpose. If they walked past them and didn’t stop to glad-hand its probably because they thought they were there for security.


  • Bob

    Its a retro look that goes back to the early 80s lol. Guys in high school would wear Izods with the collar up. Lasted until the mid 80s – not sure why the look is returning.


  • Sporting Wood

    Agree – quality production. camera, editing, writing, production – so much better than the shite i see everyday on tv – one comment – though – wtf with the voiceover – watch it again with no sound -much better


  • Good Look

    Daily mail publishes stuff like that all of the time. If you search for more images of the USMNT arrival you’ll see they have a bunch of pictures of them talking with the soldiers and taking pictures with them. Daily mail took one photo and made a story out of it.


  • JRP

    Agreed but so pissed when US game only gets showed pay per view. Where is the organization at that point?


  • froboy

    I like the voiceover, gives some NFL Films feel to it, as far as the US game on pay-per-view, the Guatemalan Federation and CONCACAF are to blame, USSF has nothing to do with it


  • abc

    Half the US soccer team are also lazy welfare cheats who use their government handouts to pay for breast implants instead of buying food for their kids.


  • bryan

    SBI – I agree. I did some digging, what a crap story. That was blown WAY out of proportion.


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