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Bocanegra discusses Rangers woes


    Should have stayed where he was, Rangers would have never reached the group stages of champions league any way.


  • bryan

    Boca, do NOT stay at Rangers. even if they stay in the SPL. i know you like it, but please leave!


  • kevdflb

    He won’t be at Rangers next season, because they won’t be able to afford him.
    They’ll be very lucky if they’re playing in the Irn-Bru Scottish 1st Division next year.

    Carlos is just a class act, so he’s saying he’d like to stay because he recognizes how well he’s been treated by the club and its fans, and he’s not going to kick them when they’re down. He knows what that club means to the blue 1/2 of Glasgow and to much of Scotland.

    At the end of the day, he’ll do what is best and get a transfer, but Rangers fans will remember that he didn’t cut and run. Bocanegra is class, and everyone around him recognizes that – fellow players, coaches, fans. He’ll be fondly remembered at Ibrox.


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