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Dynamo sign Garcia to DP deal


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The Houston Dynamo have the momentum sparked by their new stadium and a defense considered to be among the top units in MLS. Now, they have a new attacking component that they hope is the piece that can put them over the top in their quest to return to the MLS Cup final.

The Dynamo signed Honduran international Oscar Boniek Garcia to a Designated Player deal on Thursday, adding the 27-year-old winger/attacking midfielder from Honduran club Olimpia. Garcia becomes the second DP in Dynamo history after Luis Angel Landin's failed stint with the club in 2009-2010.

Garcia has 67 caps for Honduras and is part of Los Catrachos' World Cup qualifying roster. He'll be eligible for selection when the transfer window opens on June 27, meaning that his potential first game with the Dynamo is the June 30 match against the Philadelphia Union at BBVA Compass Stadium.

"Oscar is a good player, and I have always liked him," Dynamo coach Dominic Kinnear said in a team statement. "He is a versatile midfielder and a good athlete and should do well for us. He is a good signing for us and the league."

What do you think of the move? Do you think this makes Houston a favorite to win the East?

Share your thoughts below.

  • EvertonBrian

    Anyone know why my DirectTV guide is showing the US game tomorrow as a 1:30AM start?

    Anyone else see this?

    Oh, and good luck with the new DP, Dynamo.


  • BSU SC

    If I correctly remember who Oscar Boniek Garcia is, then this should be a solid signing. He has a Alvaro Fernandez style of play (except he’s not a flopper).

    Then again, I might have him mixed up with another player from Honduras. Either way, looking forward to seeing what he has to offer.


  • RLW2020

    we will see. the one honduran i wish MLS signed was Osman Chavez. great CB playing in Poland.


  • The Imperative Voice

    He better be good because this is a two-year Kinnear obsession coming to fruition. Multiyear deal and a DP tag, and we need right wing help.

    I also hope this is not the last move because I think we need two upgraded attacking players to balance Davis and be cup-competitive. This would be one.

    Does the DP tag reflect salary or transfer fee because I understand the transfer fee is $1 million over two years, in which case if he’s playing for less than full DP money but merely taking a Landin-DP because the high fee triggers a designation, big whoop we’re not spending all 3 cap exceptions anyway.

    Also, does this mean other personnel shoes to drop as window approaches? If Ching had to take a pay cut to come back, something’s gotta give. Watson has underwhelmed, Weaver is useless, and I don’t think Kinnear likes Taylor all that much (though I do). Personally I think we can do better than Boswell at his pay rate. But upshot is we probably have to move some pieces to make this official.


  • NaranjaFanatic

    Canetti said they are not done in this market and will be signing a forward (although we’ve heard that before). Also, Ching didn’t have to take a pay cut to make it work financially, but practically the Dynamo and Ching were planning on renegotiating his contract to about half of the 400k he was owed (which would not have been the case had he played in one less game in 2011). They simply were not willing to pay him that amount and he understood that. Apparently everyone understood that except Jesse Marsch. As for Boniek, the rumor is that the DP tag reflects the transfer fee but in the MLS you never know. If you watched the Gold Cup last year, you know he is good and very high energy.


  • Ricardo

    CSSCasual, maybe you are a little too casual to be making comments. Central & South America are the best places for MLS to find young talent that is not pathetically overpriced. Players like Fabian Espindola, Fredy Montero, Alvaro Saborio, Mauro Rosales, Andy Najar, Luiz Camargo, Marco Pappa, Juninho, all come from this region and are some of the best players in this league. Compared to the massive amount of failures in this league that have come from Europe, it’s a great place to scout. You should try watching some of the WC qualifiers and see if you learn something. The Gold Cup would have been a great place to start. Or, check out some of the CCL matches. Of course, that would force you to quit staring at your Beckham underwear poster.


  • Tigo

    I think they still need a creative player in the middle. Moffat is pedestrian. Camargo has shown potential. Maybe he becomes a force with Garcia onboard.


  • Rolando

    This is a great signing for Houston, although im doubting hes DP money but hey if you got it spend it.


  • Charles

    +1/2, (I wouldn’t include the snide but funny Beckham comment)

    I watch some of the Euro players paid very well in Europe, or more than the Central/So Americans in MLS and think there has to be an arbitrage here.

    Not sure on this individual case, but Ricardo had great examples and still left off Alonso and many others.


  • Chen

    Good pickup. Honduran Leaguers have the physicality to adjust quickly in the States.


  • Marco

    Houston should have gone after a higher profile signing to continue with the momentum of the stadium opening. AEG has the money and another winner in the LA Kings.


  • PCFC

    Would you rather have a lazy, expensive former Euro? Or a reasonably priced “DP” (quotation marks because he’s not getting Beckham, Henry, Keane or Marquez money) that gets results? I’d take the latter any day. I’m tired of expensive Euros.


  • PCFC

    This might be true, but I bet this signing turns out to be a very financially successful one. Hey, maybe they’re looking for another more notable signing. I bet he didn’t cost much but still qualified as a DP


  • Bart

    I think these DP gimmicks are stupid and that MLS needs to implement free agency if it wants to be considered a proper league.


  • Weremoose

    physicality was not the problem with Costly. And to be honest, Costly was a decent player for Houston, he just wanted too much money.


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