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Impact's Bernier suspended, fined

Bernier (Getty Images)

Patrice Bernier's last-second actions against Toronto FC Wednesday night have cost him a place on the field this weekend.

Bernier was suspended one game and fined an undisclosed amount by the MLS Disciplinary Committee Friday for his reckless challenge from behind on TFC's Ryan Johnson — one that drew a yellow card — in the waning moments of stoppage time in Toronto's 3-0 victory at Stade Saputo. As a result, Bernier, whose form has been as solid as any central midfielder in MLS in recent weeks, will miss out on Montreal's trip to D.C. United Saturday night. He had two goals and five assists in the four games prior to the mid-week loss.

Video of the challenge is after the jump:


Think Bernier deserved the suspension? How do you think this affects the Impact's chances at D.C.?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Steve_NYRB

    Why would the ref not at least give a yellow?

    And if it didn’t seem like a yellow at the time, how did it become a red card?

    Is the reffing that bad? Or were the boys in the home office bored?


  • Dinho

    wow. horrible tackled. lucky he didn’t really get him. and, I can’t believe the ref did not give a yellow.


  • jason

    it did draw a yellow…. did you guys read the article…… it should have been red.


  • jake

    Does the time/score of the game play into it at all. A hard tackle to win the ball in the 80th minute of a tied game vs. a 94th minute tackle in midfield against a team you are losing 3-0 to… perhaps that makes a difference. I guess its good for DC United, right?


  • A

    How does that not earn a red? He’s a good 2-3 yards from the ball and literally just tries to scissor the player to the ground from behind.

    Pathetic tackle from a thug.


  • Michael Vann

    I am happy that MLS is puting their foot down on these types of challenges, I want so badly to blame players 100% for these tackles but when only met with a yellow (during the match) they will continue to happen. The refs has to shoulder some blame, too. He can’t let this happen. It’s not like it was a challenge out of his sight line. He was right on top of it. If he thinks that warranted a yellow, he should be “red carded” and sit out a couple of matches. It’s inexcusable. If refs punish players correctly — i.e. red card, this Disciplinary Committee wouldn’t have to micromanage the refs. In essence, in a perfect world, they should be supporting the decisions of the ref but when refs fail to do their job, the DC is forced to go against them —- rightfully so.


  • lassidawg

    Complete Sounder homer here.

    The MLS refs amaze me, give hurtado a soft red for a nothing challenge and Montero for shoving a guy in the chest. I think the refs should error on the side of give reds for bad tackles, so yes I would be fine with Hurtado’s if it was consitent.

    MTL player in the Sounder game took Montero out and only received a yellow in a tackle way worse than Hurtado’s. Alonso should have been booted when he was given the two game suspension.

    Give reds for the tackles and start dealing with the floppers (yes I am talking about SJ and Flaco (already dealt with))


  • Jon

    He did give a yellow. The suspension is basically MLS saying it should’ve been a red, as a red = suspension.


  • Jon

    Of course it did. The worst team in MLS was up 3-0 at home, the match was over, Johnson owned them all game and it was just a dirty tackle out of frustration. Nowhere near the ball and no intention of winning it.


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