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Impact's Corradi out with torn ACL

Corradi (Getty Images)

As it turns out, Designated Player Marco Di Vaio's arrival is coming at just the right time for the Montreal Impact.

Striker Bernardo Corradi was diagnosed with a torn ACL in his left knee that will rule him out for "up to six months," according to the Impact. For Corradi, 36, though, an ACL tear at this juncture likely means at the very least a six-month recovery period, which would rule him out for the rest of the season unequivocally. Corradi had just agreed to extend his short-term deal with the Impact through the end of the 2012 MLS campaign.

With Corradi out, the onus falls on the likes of rookie Andrew Wenger, Justin Braun and Sanna Nyassi to lead the charge up top this weekend against Houston prior to Di Vaio's integration into the team. Di Vaio has already started training with the Impact and will be eligible to play as of June 27, when the summer transfer window opens and when the Impact host Toronto FC.

Corradi had four goals and an assist in 11 games (seven starts) with the Impact.

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  • WeatherManNX01

    Six months? Are they nuts?

    A) He’s 36.
    B) It’s a torn ACL.

    It’s hard for anyone to recover that quickly from an ACL, let alone someone in his mid-30s.



    It says “up to six months” implying it could be less than that. Let ’em dream.


  • Reid

    any impact fans or others know how easy/difficult it is to get tix on the game day for the impact.


  • Chuck

    It shouldn’t be hard to get tickets on game day. Last week was not sold out. There are no bad tickets in the stadium as the 1st row is less than 15 feet from the touchline… The atmosphere was amazing last week for the 1st game, so it’s definitely worth going.


  • The Imperative Voice

    Let’s be blunt at his age this might be a career-ender. I don’t know if they want to say it for, what, worker’s comepnsation or insurance purposes? But they will probably rehab him up and then he’ll retire.

    Also, I think there is some sort of a long term injury cap exception and I’d be interested if Montreal invokes it.


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