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Late Fagundez goal gives Revolution draw with Sounders

Diego Fagundez (Getty Images)

Just when the New England Revolution were on the verge of losing at home, their youngest player came through to prevent that from happening.

Seventeen-year-old forward Diego Fagundez netted a last-gasp equalizer to give the Revolution a 2-2 draw against the Seattle Sounders at Gillette Stadium on Saturday night, marking a second straight week that New England grabbed a result late.

Fagundez's first goal of the season came off a header in the fourth minute of second-half stoppage time, and it negated an Eddie Johnson brace. Johnson scored twice on headers in the first half after Saer Sene opened the scoring with a tap-in from close range.

The result saw the Revolution end June unbeaten in four games, while Seattle finished the month without a league victory at 0-2-2. The Sounders are also winless in their last eight regular season matches, with their last triumph coming on May 9 against FC Dallas.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of the Revolution picking up a 2-2 draw with Seattle? Impressed by Fagundez's goal? Surprised the Sounders can't stop their slump?

Share your thoughts below.

  • SeattlePat

    Honestly, neither goal should’ve happened. Sene was offside on the first, the second was off a free kick where Fernandez was kicked and got called for a foul for…what exactly? Call me bitter, but those two calls changed the game. And both were wrong.


  • 20

    Seattle may have a case with the offside but the Revs deserved at least the point. They were the better team on the night and should have scored more if not for poor finishing


  • Knope

    Revs don’t deserve a point just because the team couldn’t finish. Seattle deserves three points because something out of their hands dictated 1 and arguably the last goal if you consider that the game could have been over if Fernandez were (rightfully) given the foul.


  • Chris

    anybody have background on Diego Fagundez’s eligiblity for international play? I see he was born in Uruguay, but his official Revolution website shows he played for the US U-14s in 2009. It would be nice to see him get some US U-18 looks and see how he stacks up.


  • abc

    Complaining about the second one is ridiculous. It’s not like that led directly to the goal, the Revs still had to do a ton of work to score it, and Seattle to give it up.
    The way Sounders fans talk sometimes you’d think they have never conceded a legitimate goal before… the team is undefeated in the minds of their fans, by the way did you know they get 3x,xxx attendance per game?


  • abc

    US U-14s you don’t need to show proof of US citizenship. He hasn’t played with any US team from U-17 up for a reason: he is not a US citizen. For once blame the family: they came to the US legally when he was 5 and just never bothered to start the citizenship process. He will likely never play for the US, unless Uruguay just don’t rate him.


  • Joe+G

    I don’t think it’s a case of the family not starting the paperwork. He didn’t even have a Green Card or any other visa when the Revs signed him. The parents obviously overstayed a visa and have been hiding in plain sight.


  • over there

    Nice to see Sounders fans taking after their captain and being whining, immature crybabies.

    Seattle got an entire game worth of non-calls after the offside goal so Sounders fans need to quit crying. Rosales should have gotten sent off with two yellows and you could argue that the Alonso push in the box on Benny was a penalty.

    Seattle were outplayed for 80 minutes of this game, so a draw was a fair result.


  • cajun

    Are you serious? I’m not a fan of either team but still watched the game. Judging by your statement, you obviously didn’t or you’re a NE fan with a completely biased and wrong opinion. NE was gifted a point. “non-calls”? Seattle got whistled for 20 fouls to 8 for NE and 3 yellow cards to 0 for NE. Seattle outplayed for 80 minutes? Again, you’re blind. Bottom line is that NE got 2 questionable goals, there really could be no argument on the goals by Seattle.


  • STX81

    Well that’s just an ignorant assumption. Not every immigrant feels the need to apply for US citizenship.


  • fred

    I saw sene being fouled by being dragged down and thr header went to fagundez.


  • STX81

    The first Revs goal should have been called back. However the ball watching Sounder defenders did allow the smallest kid on the pitch to score off of a free header in the box… I mean the refs cost them the game!!!


  • Joe+G

    No, it’s not. Why don’t his parents have at least a Green Card after all this time in the US? Yes, lots of people don’t get citizenship, but they get the Green Card so they can stay here. There are almost NO visas that allow you to stay in the US that long without leaving or getting a Green Card.

    How about this comment in the Boston Globe article?: “Having the contract and the visa also allowed Fagundez to visit his birthplace, Uruguay, for the first time since he was 4 years old. He could return home without the worry of getting back into the United States.”

    No one wants to come out and say it, but there’s almost no way that happens unless the folks are here illegally.


  • Lassidawg

    Sorry but they scored on the possession right after the free kick. If the sounders are allowed to take the kick there would not have been time. NE got two goals as a result of terrible officiating.
    Keller’s comments of never seeing a player get called for getting kicked was spot on


  • Kris

    I’m neutral to either of these teams, but that first goal was due to hilariously bad officiating lol. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen an offsides call that was so obvious. It must suck to be a Seattle fan right now.


  • Joe

    Well, to be fair, it will always suck to be a Seattle fan… So, I look forwards to more bad call for them and their teams, 😉


  • A Coach

    Ok, well Joe and Kris, that made me smile and I am a sounders fan. I just hate bad officiating on things that are easy. My 60 year old father-in-law who refs games for kids could have made that call 9999 times out of 10000. That’s why it hurts.


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