U.S. Women's National Team

Must-See Goal: Abby Wambach

  • huhe888

    Sounded like Christian Miles and Brandi Chastain calling the match from a booth at the studios in Westlake Village, CA.


  • WileyJ

    Pretty sure she struck that from a different zip code than it ended up in!

    +1 on the USMNT comment


  • Mike

    she is beyond talented, if she were a man can you imagine how big of a super star she’d(he’d??) be?


  • Sergio Hernandez

    Selfish! She had Morgan in on goal. That’s what I like to see from strikers. I like that the men and women have the same kits now. Can’t wait for the Olympic games to start.


  • Josh

    Jozy’s got a good long-range shot, too, but if Wambach can avoid Jozy’s lamentable habit of trying to take on a double-team, I’m all in favor of giving her the start.


  • Brett

    I can’t tell if you actually believe this or of it was a sarcastic joke. She’d be lucky to get a yard of space against our full men’s side. Men are faster, stronger, and more agile than women. No sexism here, it’s just biology. Testosterone, which men have much more of than women, promotes the development of slow and fast twitch muscle.

    There are certainly some women who are stronger than some men, but among conditioned athletes with equal training regiments it’s no contest.


  • Brett

    The absolute worst part of watching women’s soccer is how utterly terrible the goalkeeping is. Hope Solo is a beast among hacks. She would probably start on an MLS team.


  • Brett

    No goalkeeper that I saw. There was someone in a different colored shirt about 12 yards off the line when the shot was taken, however.


  • Matt

    Ok seriously why is everyone making negative comments because its a woman who scored the goal. If this was a goal by Messi or Ronaldo or the like you would all be salivating over it.

    Plain and simple regardless of her sex, it was an incredibly strike at a very opportune time when the keeper was not in position on her line.

    stop saying that it was only a goal because women keepers are inferior, its distgusting


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