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Rodgers named Liverpool manager

Brendan Rodgers Liverpool (Getty Images)

The man tasked with turning things around at Liverpool has been named.

Brendan Rodgers has been appointed manager at Liverpool after a compensation package was agreed upon by the Reds and Rodgers' former club, Swansea City. Rodgers had been linked with a move to Liverpool to be Kenny Dalglish's successor for weeks, but he was officially unveiled as the new manager on Friday.

The 39-year-old Rodgers is now facing the biggest challenge of his career, as he will need to help Liverpool bounce back from an underwhelming season in which they finished in seventh place and missed out on playing in the Champions League.

Rodgers, who has also coached at Reading and Watford in his career, guided Swansea City to an 11th-place finish in the Premiership last season.

What do you think of Liverpool appointing Rodgers? Think they should have gone with someone with a bit more experience? Do you expect him to last until the winter transfer window?

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  • William the Terror

    “you’ll never walk alone.” That’s right, all of our fired managers are escorted off the premises by security.


  • Jay

    That’s funny lol. But I don’t see this being a better hire then Martinez however with the players they have maybe they thought his Spanish style wouldn’t work. I’ll say this though if Chelsea was smart they consider Martinez their players fit that Spanish style especially bringing in Hazzard and Hulk.


  • wides

    Would’ve been happy with either of Rodgers or Martinez. Rodgers is a little more of an unknown, but can’t wait to see how the squad plays this year.



  • Jon

    Good manager, but his system isn’t a fit with Liverpool’s current roster. FSG will have to buy to replace the overpriced English rubbish that Kenny wanted last year. There’s already rumors of him taking a couple from Swansea with him.


  • BAJ

    Its really funny to see Rodgers doing so well and now coaching Liverpool after his terrible spell with Reading. Maybe he learned a lot from that time period. (still bitter losing to his Swansea team in the final last season) Revenge will come this coming season. URRRRRRZZZZZZ!!!!!!


  • Steve C

    “If Chelsea were smart” they would stick with DiMatteo (sp?)… the guy that just won them their first ever Champs League.


  • David J S

    disagree that the current squad wouldn’t be improved by Rodgers’ tutelage/philosophy. This lineup would be good enough for Top 6 if the season started tomorrow:

    —–Lucas Leiva——-Aquilani———

    If Aquilani is gone, you have Adam/Henderson/Shelvey/Spearing to fight it out for the other CM beside Lucas. And Carragher could spell at CB, Kelly at either fullback, Bellamy on the flank with Suarez spearheading the attack. All of this is assuming the Maxi Rodriguez and Dirk Kuyt aren’t coming back, too, which isn’t 100% certain yet either. They massively under performed in the league under King Kenny, that doesn’t mean they don’t have quality. Plus I’m sure Rodgers would expect to be allowed at least one £20M-ish signings (or a few totaling around £20m), considering the cash that FSG supported their last, less frugal manager with.


  • David J S

    sorry it should look more like this:
    —–Lucas Leiva——-Aquilani——


  • DesertSwan

    Remains to be seen what will happen with Reds and Swans. I left Chelsea to support Swans and was impressed with how much Rodgers got out of his players. Swans made some good loan moves and I’m sure Rodgers will attempt to form the team into his liking. Question is; How much time will the fans and management give him to get the Reds moving in the right direction? Swans are interviewing Martinez’s assistant, who used to be at Swans as well.. I don’t know much about him, having been a Swan for a year.. I think Swans will be ok if they can keep the core of their players, especially Vorm, Allen, Sigurdson, Dyer, Sinclair, Graham..


  • Eddie

    I heard part of the agreement between LFC and Swansea was that Rodgers wouldn’t take any Swansea players for at least 12 months.


  • Eddie

    A couple of things, as a long-time Liverpool fan. First, some of these players are just poor. Downing is not good enough. Spearing had plenty of time and definitely is not good enough to play for a top-level club (I’m not convinced he is even a Premiership player). I don’t think Aquaman is coming back, and even if he does, he is not a deep-lying midfielder. He has to play in an advanced role, ie. Gerrard’s spot. Unfortunately, he is the kind of creative spark desperately needed at Liverpool. I got to see him play in person at Anfield and he was in that short minutes he got the best player on the pitch. I’ll never understand what happened with him and Rafa. It wasn’t just his injury.

    If Aqualani doesn’t come back, Liverpool must go get a creative mid player. They also should give Sterling a crack at the starting XI. The kids got pace, creativity, and an eye for goal.

    They also should consider cover for Lucas. Who knows how he’ll be when he returns or if the knee will hold up. It also would provide another holding mid for the rare occasions Rodgers may choose to employ two.


  • Scooter

    I wonder if sigurdson counts because I bet him returning to Swansea had a lot to do with Rogers


  • Vic

    I predicted after the first game of the season that Liverpool wouldn’t finish in the top four. They replaced/marginalized top players for overpaid English players. From early indications Rodgers will continue this trend. If that happens they should expect another poor season. What Liverpool needs is to sell some of these English players and purchase top players from around the world. Thats what Chelsea, Man City and Manchester United do.


  • Jay

    While true that’s whats hurting the English national team. The best teams in England don’t have a majority of English players in the starting eleven. Its a dangerous game to play that’s why as MLS grows it has to be careful not to become England and more like Spain.


  • David J S

    fair enough. it should be interesting to see how they due under Rodgers. best of luck to them!


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