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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary


There aren't many matches on the schedule today, but the few on the slate should provide plenty of entertainment, including the Brazil-Mexico showdown this afternoon in Texas (2:30pm, Univision).

Brazil is coming off a stellar 4-1 victory against the United States, and will be facing a Mexico side that needed a late Javier Hernandez winner to beat Bosnia. Neymar and Chicharito will be the headliners of a match set to be played in front of more than 100,000 fans at Cowboy Stadium.

Spain will be playing their final pre-Euro tuneup match today against China (4pm, ESPN3.com), with the defending European and World champions looking to work out the kinks before the big tournament next week.

In South America, Peru and Colombia face off in World Cup qualifying (6pm, DirecTV Pay-Per-View), with the winner moving into the main pack in CONMEBOL, and the loser facing a serious uphill challenge to qualify for 2014.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

Brazil2012 (Getty)

  • matt

    mexico did 2 things very well: they kept their 2 DM’s wider than normal so there was always inside help on neymar/hulk, creating more 1v2’s than 1v1’s, and they stopped the overlapping WB’s … both smart tactical moves that really took brazil out of their natural flow


  • RB

    Of course your love of the MNT doesn’t make you a home. It’s your inability to see some semblance of reality in the situation, if it doesn’t necessarily glorify the US team and hold them above all others, that makes you a homer.


  • HectorT

    Besides, it seemed like today’s Brazil team just didn’t have the same spark they did when they played against the US. Brazil was just trash in the 2nd half.


  • Mat

    Mexico got a few breaks from the officials and was able to do what JK wanted the US to do: be nastier.
    Great win for them and a good showing for CONCACAF.


  • Brett

    Are you a USA MNT fan? If so, you should root for Mexico at all points where it does not effectively hurt the US.

    The USA needs a strong rival in order to push the game forward domestically. We will never be respected unless we have a neighbor to push us to be better. A strong Mexican national team is GOOD for the US.

    When they take the field against the US, they are scum, but otherwise I like to see them punch above their weight. It makes us look better when we beat them.


  • marco

    Good win for El Tri. Gio played well except for the dive in the box. I think the tight marking and toughness of Mexico was what Klinsmann said was lacking in the USA effort. Neymar appeared to spit on a Mexican player at the end, his head snap forward, but I couldn’t see spit come out. Those who predicted a Brazil route underestimated Mexico who most always play them tough.


  • AJ

    Sloppy play? Really, Cornelius? It’s apparent that you’re new to this game so I’ll be providing a workshop free of charge for YOUR benefit. When two sides that are accustomed to claiming possession play each other, they battle it out for the ball and the result is a lot of back and forth. It’s considered by fans of the game as an intense and exciting game. Any questions?


  • Brad

    I don’t think Mexico dominated the match that much. The first Dos Santos goal was luck, he meant to cross the ball but it went in the net after missing everyone. And this goal was only El Tri’s 2nd or 3rd time successfully getting down the field. Later the counter-attack style of play worked better for Mex as Brazil started to press up field more.

    Brazil looked clueless on offense and kind of lazy most of the game. Neymar was taking on 3-4 defenders at a time and Brazil’s entry passes were crap. If the USA played this Brazil team the USMNT would have had a better result.


  • AJ

    Oh no … Not the should’ves already! Personally, I prefer facts. The score is 2-0 with Mexico as the victor.

    I see that US fans:
    1) Continue to hate any way they can on Mexico
    2) Are pathetic enough to put their marbles in the Brazil basket thinking they have a sure bet
    And 3) Ladies and Gentlemen, that they will always, always b&*ch and moan if a result does not go their way.


  • AJ

    The only fans that hate relentlessly are those of lesser teams. I noticed Spanish, Brazilian, German and Dutch fans give props to teams from everywhere. Show some class.


  • AJ

    Of course, if Mexico won it must be because Brazil did bad, not because Mexico did any good. Oh Brad, who will you root for now? Argentina maybe?


  • ACC

    WRONG. You Cannot compare Mexico and the US at this point in time. Mexico is at a completely different level.
    Look at the result of the two games. That’s how much difference there is between Mexico and the US.


  • A. Ruiz

    LOL yeah. He can’t even get his fact rights, Wrigley and Sox Park are 10 miles away. Methinks this is a Cub fan that doesn’t actually live in the City.


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