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Studio 90: 2012 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


  • TheFrenchOne

    yeah, talk about the pink elephant in the room… kinda weird that heather didn’t explain why claudio wasn’t there


  • Michael F. SBI Mafia Original

    OK, I just found this: “Reyna was unable to attend the ceremony because of a family matter.” I hope all is OK. Must be a a pretty big matter to keep you away from an even like this.


  • pancholama

    Isn’t Claudio coaching? – When he said “family matter” – I think he was referring to the larger USMNT Youth and Senior teams FAMILY. No?

    And about Tony Meola – what can you say? A class act, a super fine gentleman and scholar of the game, a 100% Saint Nice Guy, super competitor, etc., etc. etc., – very glad to see him earn this well deserved honor.


  • Franklin

    I think he was watching an episode of family matters and wanted to see if urkel ended up getting a date with laura.


  • B 16

    Had the chance to play with Des Armstrong once- he is a class act through and through.


  • BSU SC

    Desmond Armstrong might be the most under rated American to ever play the game. Without him, the United States probably does not qualify for World Cup 1990.

    Tony Meola is a legend. The image of him celebrating the US victory over Columbia during World Cup 94 is one of the best memories of my life.


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