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Studio 90: Guatemala test awaits USA

  • George3000

    In light of the decision to put this game on pay-per-view, I have essentially lost 99.9% of the interest I would have had in this game. I can only hope that the returns on their investment deter them from pulling this kind of stuff again. Could you imagine what would happen if an NFL play-off game were on pay-per-view? I’m willing to wager that a Congressional committee would be called in to discuss the subject.


  • elgringorico

    Reality check: this is not the NFL and never will be. Also: the more people who legally do tune into the game, the higher the ratings, then more big networks will notice and invest the monies to cover these games.

    Let’s focus on being fans and supporting the team. I would say “vamos” but that doesn’t seem appropriate here. Instead: ‘MERICA! Kick a** and take names you Yanks!


  • MemRook

    Sorry to hear that, man. This is a VERY important match for the Nats and it’s gonna be TOUGH. Probably an ugly grind with a million whistles and as many dives. But it’s hella important to get a result and I’m stoked!

    A group of AOs here in Memphis (where NO bar decided to pick up the game) are meeting at a member’s house who paid for the game and we’re all gonna chip in for pizza and beer and whatnot. It’s gonna be fun. What’s not to love about this time of qualifying???

    Let’s go you Nats!!!!


  • George3000

    Reading comprehension check: the use of the NFL was obviously a rhetorical tool. Would anybody in their right mind think that soccer enjoys the same status as the NFL right now? The idea is that this situation should be (and hopefully is) ringing bells inside the USSF.

    I support the team 100%. I support people trying to extract $30 from my pocket a lot less.


  • Old School

    The supporter in me wants to buy this PPV match. The consumer in me wants this to be provided with the services I already pay for: ESPN, FSC, GolTV, NBC Sports, etc, etc.

    Oh well.

    There’s more matches to watch…for the fee I already pay, in the future.


  • George3000

    Exactly. I won’t be putting a dime in their pockets and hope they lose money on their venture.

    As for USSF, I would imagine that one game on pay-per-view is not a big deal. Long term, however, if the USMNT WC qualification consistently becomes a pay-per-view event, I can see them taking steps to rectify the situation. What steps those would be, I don’t know.

    In a nutshell, I’m just griping about not being able to watch the game.


  • Alex

    Fabian, he wears vapors. Plus you’ll notice that injury recovery/prevention tape on his calf


  • dgoshilla

    I dug really deep into my pockets and found the $30 I would’ve spent at a bar buying a round(I live in LA).


  • DCUPedro


    $30 sucks and all, but all the folks who are going out to a bar for a 10pm start here in DC are going to spend at least that on drinks and cabs (Metro closes before game ends).

    USMNT road qualifiers are on PPV every cycle. We have this issue every 3-4 years. When USSF doesn’t own the rights, they don’t have any say in how the games are broadcast, and ESPN, etc can’t be held hostage in these negotations. It is what it is. I’m more amazed at the amazement. Where have you folks been, this happens every cycle (usually, in El Salvador and Guatemala).


  • andrew in tally

    A&B and Jamaica game is on online. 0-0 after 20 minutes. A&B looks very different at home.


  • PD

    LOL… my heart stopped when I saw this opening frame.. then realized it wasn’t Ms. Wiggles… shame.


  • Mark

    in Los Angeles:

    Just confirmed Buffalo Wild Wings is indeed showing the game!

    Buffalo Wild Wings
    7060 Hollywood Blvd
    (Just east of La Brea Blvd.)
    Los Angeles, CA 90028


  • RNG

    Where’s Fabian is the question. It looked as if he was moving really well in that footage. Is he up for the game?


  • PD

    just found out Stiney’s Pub in Wilmington, DE will be airing the match. Gonna take advantage of that and looking to pretend Wednesday night is Friday night.

    Come on you Yanks!


  • andrew in tally

    second half and Peter Byers are giving the Reggae Boyz defense fits.


  • Francois

    The last thing I want to see tonight, us playing ultra-defensive if we go ahead. Yes, be careful not to be caught out, but if we take an early lead we need to push for a second and third. We are a much better team than Guatemala, we need to actually show it.


  • female observer

    I prefer Mark Liskevych. He’s a cutie and speaks slowly and clearly.


  • RK

    Speaking of Human Traffic Sports, Gale Agbossoumonde has a whopping 216 minutes played for Carolina.


  • andrew in tally

    Canada playing with one forward against Honduras. No offensive punch.


  • SilverRey

    First row sports is a good place to start. Atdhe net dot tv might have it as well. Free football org has tons of ads, would recommend AdBlock Plus for this one – really, for any of them (not for soccerbyives though, I got your back Ives, we all have to make a living).


  • Todd Marsch

    Wow…surprised by the Antigua result. Maybe they’re not really that bad. Not to jinx anything, but the US would really set themselves up nicely to advance with a game or two left if they can somehow get 3 points tonight.


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