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This Weekend's Soccer on TV

MessiNeymar (Getty Images)

International soccer at its finest headlines a weekend of intriguing soccer around the globe.

Between Euro 2012 and World Cup qualifiers in CONCACAF and CONMEBOL, soccer fans have plenty to keep them occupied over the next few days. The U.S. men's national team and Mexico will kick off their World Cup qualifying campaigns Friday night against a pair of opponents that they should be able to overwhelm. In Europe, the two toughest groups in Euro 2012 commence play, with Germany-Portugal and Spain-Italy being two over the most anticipated matches of the entire group stage.

As far as high-profile friendlies go, they don't get much bigger than Argentina vs. Brazil, and that's exactly what will go down at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey Saturday afternoon as Lionel Messi and Neymar lead the respective South American rivals against each other.

Not to be forgotten, there is an MLS game as well, as the Houston Dynamo, without defenders Geoff Cameron, Andre Hainault and Jermaine Taylor, take on the Vancouver Whitecaps at BC Place on Sunday.

Here is this weekend's soccer on TV:



7 p.m. – ESPN/ESPN3.com/Galavision – USA vs. Antigua and Barbuda

8 p.m. – Univision – Mexico vs. Guyana

9:30 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Jamaica vs. Guatemala

9:30 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Honduras vs. Panama

10 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Costa Rica vs. El Salvador


12 p.m. – ESPN/ESPN3.com – Netherlands vs. Denmark

1 p.m. – GOLTV – Banfield vs. Boca Juniors

2:45 p.m. – ESPN/ESPN3.com – Germany vs. Portugal

3 p.m. – GOLTV – Argentina vs. Brazil

4 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Bolivia vs. Paraguay

6:35 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Venezuela vs. Chile


12 p.m. – ESPN/ESPN3.com – Spain vs. Italy

2:30 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Uruguay vs. Peru

2:45 p.m. – ESPN/ESPN3.com – Croatia vs. Ireland

5 p.m. – Pay-Per View – Ecuador vs. Colombia

5:30 p.m. – GOLTV – Nautico vs. Botafogo

7:30 p.m. – GOLTV – River Plate vs. Boca Unidos

7 p.m. – MLS Live/Direct Kick – Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Houston Dynamo

  • Joe+G

    I never really noticed this….how did Guyana (and Suriname & French Guiana) end up in CONCACAF rather than CONMEBOL?


  • Nick F

    3 Reasons that I can think of:

    1. Proximity (traveling) to the carribean nations. It is probably cheaper to travel to these countries for the world cup qualifying rounds in which these countries traditionally participate.

    2. Cultural similarity to the Carribean nations.

    3. Disparity between level of play in soccer. Conversely, similarity of level of play between these countries and the Carribean nations.

    You can even check out a South America Lonely Planet travel book … it’s funny, they are not even included typically in those types of books!


  • T.Dot

    You might want to look up Tim Vickery, I remember he explained it in an article on BBC or on 5Live Football Phone In months ago.


  • Nate

    Good lord. Can someone call my wife and explain that I’m unavailable all day Saturday?


  • ld

    Canada 1 Cuba 0

    Canada survives the early afternoon Havana heat and gets 3 points. Someone forgot to put that game on this list


  • Dennis

    My wife would make that call for you, but we are busy watching the US men tonight and traveling up the NJTPke to see Brazil and Argentina in person.


  • Eric120

    Argh I don’t get GOLTV. Guess I’ll need to find an “alternate” way to watch Argentina-Brazil…


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