U.S. Men's National Team

USMNT on the Road to Brazil

  • abc

    I didn’t realize there was a new thing that’s different from Behind the Crest. This is the second one, for those who missed the first one, here it is:


  • bryan

    like i have said before, i love these. even if some of the clips are used in both Behind the Crest and these.


  • crocajun1003

    Between “Road to Brazil”, “Behind the Crest”, and the personal interview things, I’m a happy camper.


  • Kevin_Amold

    Ok, in all honesty, does the USMNT have a home advantage against the following opponents:

    -El Salvador?

    Clearly the answer depends on where the game is played. I was at this most recent Gold Cup final…I just wonder if the day will come where we fill a stadium in the proportion that Azteca or San Mateo Flores is filled. I have to think probably not, although I am hopeful. there are just too many people from other countries here that want to attend the games.

    And no, that is not a political statement.


  • whoop=whoop

    US Soccer needs to do a much better job of promoting games. Before the Gold Cup final vs Mexico, Spanish language papers, channels on TV and radio were littered with commercials promoting Mexico’s team and the game. I saw nor heard a single ad or commercial on English language. Not one! If you are a fan of the USMNT, you have to literally do detective style investigation to try and find out when and where a game will be played and if it will even be televised, let alone get tickets. There is a lot of competition for entertainment $$$ in this country, folks who aren’t religious followers will likely do what is visible, convenient…. what they know about! From a country so adept at promotion and PR, this is inexcusable.


  • Lorenzo

    qualifiers should be in either SSS or places like Nashville to try to keep fan % pro american.

    Not only is it good for home field advantage, but its a positive experience for US fans to be surrounded by signing cheering comrades.


  • Matt C in Tampa

    Ha, i thought Heather sounded and looked familiar. She’s a Gator and has done a lot of work for Florida’s in-house sports network.

    But i won’t hold those ties against her. She does a nice job.


  • Matt C in Tampa

    Those interviews that US soccer has of the players (Boca, JR..etc..) are done amazingly well.

    Jr walking thru Verona was really cool

    I’m really looking forward to more of them.


  • marky mark

    In time, it could take a whole generation, but it will happen more than likely.


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