World Cup Qualifying

USA 3, Antigua & Barbuda 1: Match Highlights

  • Umlaut

    I came away from that game very unimpressed with Maurice Edu, but after watching the highlights, he had two very nice balls, one at about the 3:40 mark and the other at about 5:20. Also, Herculez Gomez is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on this team.


  • Seriously

    Edu caused several issues with errant passing, but most of that came from the ball bogging down on the wet surface. That affected our ball movement more than anything. Our biggest concern is what on earth is going on with the back line. That is now 3 left backs we have lost. I certainly hope Johnson is ready soon. Having to slide Boca out wide and bringing in Gooch cost us a clean sheet. Gooch has simply not returned to being the Gooch we all loved. I am scared to death every time he steps on the field. That leaves only Cameron as cover in the center.


  • tom

    For all the whinging, this was very close to a blowout.
    Gooch’s last stab notwithstanding, AB did not threaten much: 2 shots on goal, one of which was the Byers “breakaway”. If not for several excellent saves by the keeper, US scores 3 or 4 more= blowout.


  • BFBS

    I don’t see why we don’t give Parkhurst a chance, in the middle alongside Goodson with Boca on the left, or Parkhurst himself at LB. Surely we’re not going to hold a nice DDR move against him for the rest of his USMNT career, if any, despite seven years of pretty much impeccable defending at a reasonably high level?


  • go usa

    Totally agree. I think he’s seen as being “too small” to be an international center back, so he has to be twice as good to overcome the bias, a bit like Nick Rimando.


  • crosebud

    I have never been super impressed by Gomez. But I do appreciate his hustle and work ethic. I seem to remember a guy who partnered with Jozy not long ago who hustled like that and played the whole field and that was a pretty great combo….Charlie something.

    Maybe Herc and Jozy together is worth a look. We don’t need to have three defensive midfielders to get through qualifying


  • Brian S.

    I completely agree. I think they would compliment each other very well. I think Klinsmann’s reason of Jozy not being fit enough to play is garbage. He was probably more fresh than everyone else out there. The entire team looked completely exhausted the past two games and it makes me question the tactics of all the training and games.


  • SilverRey

    I remember always being impressed w/Parkhurst at cb back in his Revs days. Whatever he lacks in stature, he makes up for in intelligence. I’m ok with a Goodson/Parkhurst pairing for the time being.


  • TheFrenchOne

    Feel better about the game after watching this. It was very frustrating to see the boys (especially LD and Deuce) not let it rip and keep going for the extra pass, but it wasn’t horrible. The monsoon-like weather definitely leveled the playing field


  • SilverRey

    He stole that goal from Bradley – not once, but twice. Check out Bradley’s face after Gomez scores.

    That being said, I like his hustle out there.


  • biff

    ha-ha. True. Bradley wanted that goal bad and looks miffed when Gomez scores. But I don’t think Gomez stole the ball. Bradley tried a shot and was simply not quick enough to try a second one. Gomez did what good forwards do: took the ball, dribbled and scored. I am totally impressed with Gomez, definitely the man of the match last night.

    I get the feeling that some of the Old Guard might be feeling threatened by Gomez’s great form. In the video at 2:40, Donovan appears angry at Gomez on a fast break for shooting instead of passing to him, holding his arms out frustration and glaring at Gomez. But if you look at the play closely, the passing lane was not open for Gomez and the shot was the right thing. And a few minutes later, in a scene not in the highlights, Gomez passed to Donovan, when he should have fired a shot instead. Weird stuff going on around the field last night.


  • Aero

    I was hoping either Gomez or Wondolowski would get a chance for significant playing time, as both are playing very well right now. Keep Gomez in the lineup, he has been effective.


  • joejoe

    yeah is so bad because all those goals scored in Mexico were a total fluke.


  • Alex G

    A very positive note from this game is that Boyd is officially cap tied with the USMNT, and he´s a very promising player


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