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Bocanegra discusses Rangers, MLS and more with SKC TV


  • Fred

    Let’s sign him up Revs! Though I don’t know who I would want him replacing for a starting position…possibly Tierny even though he is a local product. Let’s use this allocation spot to get up that table for push to the playoffs.


  • RLW2020

    he has to come to MLS! He would be an ideal fit for virtually every team. Plus being around here could help his ability to perform with the National team thru qualifying (no cross Atlantic plane rides)..

    i doubt he wants to play for a team with turf so Seattle, Portland, NE and Vancouver are out but KC, LA, Chivas, NY, DC, Colorado, Houston, Chicago, etc should all be pursuing hard!


  • RLW2020

    add SJ to that list.. I bet they make a run with a playoff team and new stadium in the works..


  • El_Gringo_Ronaldo

    FRACK! It would have been great if Diego Forlan joined the MLS.


  • kev

    I sure hope Boca returns to France or even to a club in Portugal or Italy. Surely he can climb on to a club somewhere in Europe for a 1-2 year contract.


  • bryan

    i can’t believe he still hasn’t left Rangers. just get it over with. you don’t need to play in the 3rd division on Scotland. it’s just that simple.


  • Forza Lazio!

    He would be a better fit in Mexico due to his parents being born there and him qualifying for domestic spot. He can face a much higher level of competition there so he will not risk losing his spot in WC 2014. Playing in MLS won’t challenge him enough, Klinsmann has told his players time after time to play at the highest level possible, him going to MLS is a move backwards in his career IMHO. If he doesn’t get an offer for a top league in Europe then he is better off heading to Mexico with a top club ( Club America, SANTOS LAGUNA, or Monterrey)



    Stop being an idiot, MLS is way better the SPL. Klinsmann said the guys, should continue to improve, that be in MLS,Europe or Mexico. So please stop being an idiot.Klinsmann know’s the quality of MLS, you don’t. MLS is a move up compared to the SPL.


  • Camjam

    Stop again. I higher level in Mexico? Yes. A “much higher level of competition”? Dream on. Mexico is in NO way so far ahead of MLS that he will some how be better prepared by playing there. By that rationale, Jose Torres, and Beasley should be much better than they are due to their time there. Not knocking those players, But it’s not as though any of the 3 is currently vital to the NT.


  • nato

    Bocanegra, dude just leave.

    Several clubs in Europe would love to have him, even if it’s just relegation fodder teams.


  • ted tran

    True. Ives’ stated a couple years ago that the MLS was only a few years behind, so by now both league are leveled.


  • Siberian

    I think now is as good as time as any for him to come to MLS. He’s marketable so he’ll get a good salary and what is he really going to do in Europe now?


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