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Bradley transfer update

MichaelBradleyChievo (Getty)

The summer transfer season is in full swing now and the inevitable stories reporting deals that are done, and not done, are underway. Among the subjects in the rumor mill is U.S. national team midfielder Michael Bradley, who has been linked with multiple Italians clubs, most recently with Roma.

According to my sources, Bradley is not close to a transfer move just yet, and reports suggesting done deals (first with Palermo, and most recently with Roma) are premature. The two clubs are in the mix for Bradley's services, but nothing has been agreed to.

Chievo Verona is in talks with multiple Serie A clubs ( Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Inter Milan have been mentioned, though the Inter link appears the weakest rumor of he bunch), but nothing has been finalized. The team most likely to secure Bradley's services? Roma has the deepest pockets and are the biggest of the clubs interested, so that makes them a favorite. That has been the case for months though so there's really nothing new there.

At the moment, the only thing that can be assured at this point is that Bradley will be leaving Chievo this summer.

Where would you like to see Bradley go? Share your thoughts below.

  • GW

    Dempsey wouldn’t move anywhere if he didn’t think he would start there.

    Of course, I’m pretty sure he believes he can start on any team in the world and I am not inclined to argue with him.

    I’m sure he would fit in well at Barca especially if Villa does not come back as good as before.


  • Drew

    hahahahhaahha. i’m not a europhile at all, but dempsey wouldn’t sniff the field at barca. he doesn’t fit the system and he’s no pedro, who wasn’t even getting time last year.


  • GW

    Clint wants to get better and play at the highest level possible.

    How are you going to get better if you don’t go where regular playing time for you would be a challenge?

    Barca’s system requires that you have good ball control, be used to playing at a high rate of speed, and be good in transition, etc.

    Clint can do all that. He can be dominant and deadly in the air. He is not a system guy like Pedro but based on what I saw last season,he would give them something useful, a wild card who can score. And he would be cheaper thatn a lot of the other striker type possibilities they might be looking at.

    It is unlikely to happen but it is certainly intriguing and would be a good thing for both parties.


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