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Bradley transfers to Roma, signs four-year deal

Michael Bradley (Reuters)

For a second straight summer, Michael Bradley is changing clubs. But this time he is staying in Italy and playing for one of the more prolific clubs in the world.

Bradley joined AS Roma from Chievo Verona on Sunday, the Italian heavyweight announced on its website. Roma paid Chievo a transfer fee of $4.6 million plus a 50 percent share in Romanian youngster Adrian Stoian for Bradley, who agreed to a four-year deal.

Bradley has already joined his new Roma teammates for their preseason training camp.

Signing with Roma is the latest step up the European club ladder for the 24-year-old U.S. men's national team midfielder. He previously played for Borussia Moenchengladbach and SC Heerenveen while also spending a brief loan stint with Aston Villa.

What do you think of Bradley signing with Roma? Expect him to earn a starting role immediately? Ordering your Bradley Roma jersey already?

Share your thoughts below.

  • tom

    I’d be excited by Liverpool, because they have a new coach who has his teams play in a very
    Spanish style. It’s going to be very interesting.


  • GW

    The biggest thing of all, Ives, is we need info on TV coverage of Roma’s games.

    Are they likely to be on ESPN3?


  • solles

    Actually I think he fits in quite well as a MF destroyer type, allowing De Rossi to push forward more. Wouldnt be all that surprised to see him in the first 11 from the get go, it’s not like he’s an unknown quantity in Serie A.


  • Ben

    I’m excited to see how the Bradley-DeRossi midfield will work out. DeRossi is in his prime right now; and at this point, Bradley has pretty much refined his game and leveled up each year, so it is going to be great seeing it at a “big” club.


  • sstf

    hopefully longer; bradley seems like the type of player who could play till he’s 35 (like gennaro gattuso would if he wasnt rugby tackling everyone)


  • DS

    Roma fan for a number of years now. FSC gives decent coverage to Serie A, usually 4 games each weekend – hope that continues. Roma on frequently. Otherwise, the matches will almost always appear on ESPN3.


  • vince

    i don’t know about that bro…that seems too low…i think most players on Championship sides in England make more than that…


  • Lorenzo

    Funny thing is, a long time ago it was actually a Danny Szetela to AS Roma article that actually didn’t happen that was probably the last time Ives posted anything confirmed until it was officially confirmed. Also funny it was the other u20 CM from that team that ended up At Roma

    (SBI-Lorenzo, if you think the last time I’ve written something that wasn’t officially announced was the Szetela-to-Roma story then you really must not read much of my stuff. I break stories regularly, but definitely do so with a more cautious eye toward getting those stories confirmed thoroughly. The Szetela-to-Roma story was the last (and only) time I’ve gotten a transfer wrong, and yes, it certainly made me more cautious about sources and making assumptions based on what one source might tell me. That’s a lesson it seems plenty of people could use these days because there seems to be a rash of gun-jumping and premature reporting of deals that simply aren’t done.)


  • danny

    I remember watching him in summer of 09 and believing he’s the real deal… the future of US soccer. I got so frustrated with all the haters on this site… it brought out some people’s biases about American soccer for all to see, or it just showed them to be dumbasses. But, no more I told you so’s from me. Hope every US NATS follower becomes a Bradley fan.


  • OC

    I’m actually hoping it’s the other way around. De Rossi has always (for me) been THE destroyer prototype, and at least USMNT fans have seen how pivotal MB can be to a match when he is coming forward looking to distribute.

    Hopefully we see this partnership flourish with Bradley being the more forward of the two; I think that would be the best scenario for our national team and for Bradley’s offensive game to develop even more.


  • Seriously?

    uh, I don’t know why people are excited, he only gets picked by teams because, uh, his dad is the manager of Egypt.


  • crocajun1003

    I don’t have a problem admitting I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon. But my favorite teams have always been ones with yanks on them anyway. Hopefully Roma will be more exciting to watch than Chievo.


  • Fan Futbol

    Serious question: how soon before a Bradley Roma jersey will be available for sale online?


  • Mike Caramba

    Don’t mean to be a jerk, but how is Roma (or any club, for that matter) “prolific”?


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