Match Highlights

FC Dallas 3, Vancouver Whitecaps 2: Under-17/18 Academy Finals Highlights

  • Clayton

    LOVE IT! Baby hoops best in the land – great highlights, these kids are good (Van too).

    The future of MLS looks bright if these kids can come up the ranks and grow at this rate.


    RIP Jose Perez and Bobby Rhine – I’m sure they are proud looking down.


  • Otto

    Yes congrats to both teams!!

    Such a shame though that the best U18 teams in the land play their championship in an empty stadium and in front of a silent crowd. Our nothing high school team played in front of a larger and rowdier audience than that and they didnt get out of districts. I think requiring DA players to not play for their high school team is a mistake, at least in most areas of the country. There had to be a better solution.


  • Marc Silverstein

    Red Bull Academy just won the U15/16 championship 1-0 over Scott Gallagher.


  • Zing!

    Sure looked to be a very well played game, nice attacking play and skill by both teams. I found that to much more watchable than any NCAA game I have seen, so hopefully that is a growing trend amongst the Academy programs, they are definitely the future of this country.


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