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Koevermans to miss remainder of TFC season with torn ACL

Danny Koevermans (Reuters)

Resurging Toronto FC have been dealt a big blow in their quest to get out of the basement in the Eastern Conference, as striker Danny Koevermans has been ruled out for the remainder of the season.

Toronto FC announced Monday that Koevermans will miss the rest of the year after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee during the club's 1-0 win over the New England Revolution on Saturday. The Designated Player, who had scored nine times this season, will undergo surgery in the near future.

The loss of Koevermans means Toronto will now be without arguably their most lethal offensive weapon. Toronto FC has been playing improved soccer under new head coach Paul Mariner, but their uphill battle in the East has just gotten tougher with Koevermans out for the rest of 2012.

What do you think of Koevermans being ruled out for the rest of the year? Is Toronto all but doomed now? How can Toronto FC make up for the loss?

Share your thoughts below.


    MLS should loosen the strings and TFC should be allowed to sign another DP, meaning 2 more.


  • 20

    Terrible news.. I was there and didn’t realize how bad the injury was. Even as a fan of a team that plays on turf, I believe that turf causes injuries and there is no reason to keep using it.


  • ViC El Paso Texas

    Will any team go after evil Michael Ballack or party boy Ronaldinho. What are MLS teams waiting for? MLS lost Drogba, Trezegue, Raul and many others that still have game for the MLS. I would love to see ballack in TFC now or in the Northwest and Ronaldinho in NY Red Bull, that would give the Red Bull the MLS Cup. Also tell Rafael Marquez your salary is going down to sing up players who can play and stay healthy


  • Modibo

    I’m no Toronto fan, but the supporters have been very patient and they deserve a little success… Koevermans was doing what he could, and now this. That’s a long recovery.


  • Helium-3

    The window of opportunity has closed for Ronaldinho. MLS had a chance to get him but instead he signed with Atletico Mineiro. MLS has failed twice to sign him in the last 2 yrs.


  • Vic El Paso texas

    I think ronaldinho only signed a one year contract- red bull needs him and MLS as well , in reality MLS needs number 10s in every team


  • JunctionJim

    The league needs to readdress the use of turf, it’s ridiculous to think that real grass can’t be mandated by the league. If they want to lure players here they need to get rid of the plastic.


  • Helium-3

    Well Ronaldinho a year from now isn’t going to be better than he was 2 years ago. He is a depreciating asset. MLS is not going to pay $10 million salary for a 33 year old.


  • Sammy

    It’s time for that 4th DP. The big clubs will get them and force other teams to improve.


  • soundrr

    A mandate would mean getting rid of century link field. Pretty sure the league isn’t going to do that. Simple sounding problems rarely have simple solutions.


  • CB

    There have been multiple studies done by FIFA and other governing bodies which have proven that the percentage of injuries and the severity of injuries is no worse on “field turf” than it is on grass.


  • Scott A

    Blind faith in studies, especially done by FIFA, is where you went wrong. Soccer on carpet is a joke.


  • JunctionJim

    Oh, well if FIFA say’s so, and I’m sure no money was exchanged to have that conclusion made.


  • JunctionJim

    Poor NFL owners having to make some concessions for soccer teams, shame isn’t it.

    There’s a reason they lay grass down when Chelsea plays at Century Link the turf sucks and they don’t want to risk injury.


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