Monday Kickoff: Wynalda lands coaching gig, report links Nesta to Montreal, & more

EricWynalda (AP)

Eric Wynalda's quest to break into the professional American soccer coaching ranks has led him to Atlanta, where he has been hired to be the new interim head coach of the NASL's Silverbacks.

Atlanta announced the hiring on Monday morning, with Wynalda taking over for fired head coach Alex Pineda-Chacon. Wynalda joins the Silverback just a month after guiding amateur side Cal FC to an improbable run to the U.S. Open Cup round of 16.

The Silverbacks are currently in last place in the NASL, with a 1-8-5 record. That led to the dismissal of Pineda-Chacon as well as the team's director of soccer, Rodrigo Rios.

Here are some other stories to get your Monday going:


Veteran Italian centerback Alessandro Nesta has been trying to latch on with an MLS team for some time now, and it appears he has finally found a taker in the Montreal Impact.

Italian news outlet Corriere dello Sport reported on Monday morning that Nesta has agreed to a deal with the Impact, where he will join up with newly-acquired Italian forward Marco DiVaio.

The Impact have been struggling in recent weeks, and could use Nesta's presence at the heart of an inconsistent defense.


Watford are set to name Gianfranco Zola as the team's new head coach, according to new club owner Giampaolo Pozzo.

Zola has been out of the coaching ranks for two years, having last served as manager of West Ham.


Manchester United have signed fullback Rafael to a new contract

Russian midfielder and Euro 2012 star Alan Dzagoev is being courted by Tottenham.

Sampdoria is closing in on the appointment of former Juventus boss Ciro Ferrara as their new manager.


What do you think of these stories? Think Wynalda can be a good pro head coach? See Wynalda helping Montreal turn things around? 

Share your thoughts below.

  • Jon

    Apparently the Wynalda deal is only for 6 weeks, so that he can return to FSC for pundit duties at the beginning of the European seasons.

    I have to say…what’s the point?


  • Itsjoshadams

    Good to see more ex-USMNT stars in the front office of American soccer. But wow does Montreal love their old Italians. Hope he stays healthy.

    Speaking of Italy, any confirmation yet on Bradley to Roma?


  • NE Matt

    Surprised we haven’t seen any Ives articles on Bradley moving to Roma. Multiple reports broke this weekend that the deal is close. Roma themselves have said they could announce it as soon as today.

    (SBI-There is nothing to report on Bradley to Roma. Reports out there suggesting it’s done or close are premature. Yes, Roma is pushing that story hard, but that doesn’t make it any more concrete. When there is a legitimate story to report I will report it.)


  • away goals

    I’m all for Ives waiting until papers have been signed before reporting.

    Didn’t we all jump the gun on a bradley transfer a few yers back? Or was it jozy?


  • ben in el cajon

    We jumped the gun on every player signing ever, even the ones that actually happened.


  • Neal

    Part of his job is to lead the search for a new coach.
    Guess Atlanta wanted some input as a consultant.


  • obxfly

    Was already planning on going to the Silverbacks game in Raleigh tomorrow night to see Matt Horth play. Now even more interesting.


  • The Imperative Voice

    I see it as like Cal FC where he thinks he can ride a short run of games to some resume blurbs for a good job in pros/ college if/when he wants to coach full time.

    And as far as Atlanta’s concerned, I’m sure anything’s better than last place with 1 W 5 T 8 L, even a short term coach.


  • Gnarls

    Didn’t AS Roma make a statement about wanting to bring in more American talent during the last transfer window? Landon Donovan’s and Clint Dempsey’s names thrown around then. It sounds like Roma is just looking to create buzz among American fans.


  • wides

    To be honest, I thought 3.5 million euros was a little on the low side given that there are (reportedly) as many as 8 teams in the running for him.

    At least it’s a little early in the summer to be accepting that offer, and not let some other offers roll in.

    But, I’m definitely biased and have no idea how much teams value Bradley monetarily, including Chievo.


  • Rory

    This gives him 6 weeks to shout “you don’t know what you are talking about, I played in Germany” to everyone in Atlanta. Maybe while he’s there he can learn a little Southern gentleman qualities.


  • NE Matt

    Kind of honored to get a comment from Ives. Pretty sweet. I don’t care if the reports are accurate or not, I was just pulling for a “Bradley update” or a new post to speculate in on the comments section. Looks like we got just that!


  • camjam

    For real. One day people will realize that age doesn’t affect all players the same. I seem to remember nesta bossing serie a last year at the age of 35 and Pirlo being one of the best players at the euro at 33.

    But for now I’ll just deal with every signing of a 30+ player as a “washed-up euro”


  • RLW2020

    HAHA +1, i would think he could be a good coach if he want to quit the FSC job..


  • The Imperative Voice

    All due respect but ACM has been pushing Nesta with younger players dating back to the Gooch signing. And I believe Nesta literally said something about no longer being able to hack Serie A speed of play:

    “Italian and European football are too fast for me now . . . out of respect for the club and my team-mates I have decided to try a different experience at a club in which I can do something good.”

    You can go ahead and read between those lines.

    Far as whether he can get away with being slow here, I dunno, Houston’s slow defense of Boz, Hainault, and Taylor has been exposed a lot lately…..including by, ummm, Montreal?


  • The Imperative Voice

    I think you can shout whatever you like, including come-ons to Ms. Harkes and derogatory stuff about Mr. Rome, if you take a local amateur team and get it past first division Portland as well as minor league opposition in open tournament play.


  • Gnarls

    Thanks, Kris. I’ll bet you scored better on your SAT than tony meatballs.


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