Must-See Goals

Must-See Goal: Darren Mattocks

  • Rascal

    You are wrong. That is the TFC supporters’ corner. All whitecaps fans were at the opposite end of the field. The camera does not do it justice. He stood in front of the supporters doing the “shhhh!” motion for 30 seconds. About 10 beers went flying at him.


  • happyjuggler0

    I also saw in real time what everyone else saw.

    However I seem to be the first person here to realize that the reason why the keeper never got to the ball is that his defender got in his way.

    In essence mattocks scored the goal because yes he jumped very high and redirected the ball into the net; but also he scored because he was the only person anywhere close to the ball.


  • Gnarls

    How ’bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away… With mind bullets!


  • Gnarls

    Mattocks has hops, nice goal, etc., etc. I was just happy to see TFC win a game in clutch fashion. Have they ever scored a game-winning goal in stoppage before? Their fans deserve more of that.


  • prizby

    best part of the goal is his celebration where he tries to incite a riot…only for it to come back and bite him in the rear when dunny scores in the 95th


  • Colin

    Define “American accent” for me.

    Midwest? (Michigan? Wisconsin?) Southern? (SEC West? SEC East? Appalachian?) Northeastern? (Boston? New York? (Upstate? City?) Jersey?) So Cal? Nor Cal?

    Granted, dude who said Canadian accent is simplifying as well, could be Quebecois, whatever you call people who live in the middle, Saskatechuan-esque, or BC.

    I acknowledge the absurdity of this comment on a soccer blog, but hey, it’s the internet so what the h.


  • b

    Don’t lump Najar and Mattocks together.
    Najar traveled to the US by himself at 14 to be with his family, he WANTS to play for the US but his citizenship will take so long that his career would be halfway over by then, so he chose Honduras. If our laws weren’t so lame he would be playing for us like he wanted. How would that be stealing him?

    Mattocks came to the US to attend the best college soccer program we have so he could be a pro and play in MLS, he has no desire to represent the US, he is a Jamaican and will play for them.


  • Marlon

    Why would Fagundez be so far from citizenship if he’s been here since he was 5?


  • froboy

    Since when did Najar want to play for the US? Even if he did he would be just like Rossi who most people around here detest, dude is Honduran and should play there. Obviously if he wants to play for the US we’d take him, but i wouldn’t root actively for him to be Judas Najar like Rossi was. Laws aren’t lame, they are fair, we shouldn’t fast track guys just to play for our soccer team.


  • b

    There was an article which stated that he preferred to play for the US and that DC United officials were trying to help speed up the citizenship process but were unsuccessful.

    He would be a US citizen a lot sooner if he had not been an illegal immigrant until DC signed him and made him legal.

    When a 14 year old travels from Honduras to the US to start a better life, is a law abiding citizen and a productive member of society with a well paid job, they deserve citizenship imho. More than some lazy ignorant fools who just happened to be born here and sit around unemployed complaining about illegals.


  • Soro

    Well, the play-by-play guy is a Brit. The colo(u)r mad is a Canadian who lived in the UK for 15 years. Neither one has a ‘Canadian’ accent if these is such a thing.


  • Four Cents

    It’s defiantly a foul in my book and I don’t even have a dog in this fight. Mattocks knees the defender in the back of the head, and than rides on his shoulders well before he makes his first contact with the ball. I don’t know what the ref was thinking (besides being open jaw’d looking in amazement at Mattocks ups). If you don’t agree with me on this- you’re most likely a Whitecap fan (hints biased).


  • Four Cents

    Look at the 58 second mark on the video above- clear as day foul. Your not even suppose to use your elbows, or hands to help boost yourself up higher than the opposition. I guess with Mattocks being added to the league- they’re going to have to add knees to that list as well…


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