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KickTV: Altidore talks maturity, Klinsmann and more


  • Old School

    @ 1:48: Jozy talks about maturing mentally and professionally.

    That was awesome to hear. Sounds like he’s growing up (given he’s still young) and truly coming into his own.

    Also, that smedium shirt working overtime.


  • CrispyST3

    It’s good to see him and Charlie still kick it. I haven’t heard much about Charlie, i wonder what’s going on with him


  • DanO

    Kids these days…

    Where have the baggy flannels and pleated khakis gone…


  • whoop=whoop

    Classy, well thought out responses from a guy who is really coming into his own. JA is still younger than most of our other “young and up and comers” and doing quite well plyng his trade in a quality Euro League on top of it. Keep workin Jozy, and much respect! Next few years are key as he is just now coming into his prime.


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