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SBI MLS Goal of the Week: David Beckham

David Beckham (Getty Images)

David Beckham had himself quite the performance in the Los Angeles Galaxy's 5-3 win against the Portland Timbers, but his first goal was a thing of beauty worth watching over and over.

Beckham's splending curling strike from distance in the first half not only equalized things for the Galaxy, it inspired them to a victory at JELD-WEN Field on Saturday. Beckham also scored off a brilliant free kick later in the game but his first finish was magical, and that is why it has been named SBI's MLS Goal of the Week.

If you have not seen the wicked strike or just want to see it again, here it is:


What do you think of this Beckham goal winning SBI's MLS Goal of the Week? Should Beckham's free kick won instead? Is the amount of times that you have watched this goal reaching world record numbers?

Share your thoughts below.

  • olysounder

    How Portland allowed him that much space is baffling. Regardless, that was a well taken strike.


  • Andrew

    As soon as I saw the Beckham get the ball with that much space around him, I knew he was going to punish us. Again. For pete’s sake, who leaves Beckham unmarked, even at 35 yards out?


  • smokeminside

    Meh. I made a goal like that yesterday in my over 55 league with two defenders hanging all over me.


  • THomas

    I know I was there…it was impressive, unfortunately I accidently deleted the video when I tried sending it to Ives.


  • Duneman

    Seriously….he should have been picked for all the reasons already mentioned PLUS 1- LA is all about letting him go to play in the Olympics. It was part of his contract and not having any club issues can just make things easier to get over to practice and play with the team while BPL teams like Man U have already given notice on who can play and how or even just not being happy with any of their players getting picked for the summer games. They want to protect them for club play and 2- He is in mid-season form….nothing against the other 3, but I would think especially when looking at a player over 30 being in mid-season fitness would be better then bringing in your players who are still in pre-season fitness.


  • johnnycougar

    I watched the full game highlights. What does it mean when I derive equal enjoyment from watching Beckham get hit in the face as when he scores?


  • smokeminside

    Well, thanks for trying. Sure there’s not a way to recover the image. I’d like to see it myself.


  • Shane

    Mattocks goal should’ve won. Beckhams goal was great but we see it every season. I’ve never seen anyone sky like Mattocks – awesome


  • Rich

    Pardo’s goal was equal to Mattock’s and Beckham’s. Don’t how you pick between the 3 goals. They were all great.


  • Kejsare

    All blame is on Palmer, he drifted away when he could’ve not moved to give Beckham space.


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