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Spotlight on Tim Howard

TimHowardEye (Reuters)

Tim Howard started his professional career in MLS 14 years ago, and for the first time in years he sounds committed to coming back to the league where his outstanding career began.

In an extensive interview with FOX Soccer, Howard discusses MLS, his future after soccer, returning to MLS, his decision to stay at Everton, and even his thoughts on U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Give the interview a read and let us know what you think of Howard's comments. Excited to hear he plans to return to MLS? Encouraged by his positive comments about Klinsmann?

Share your thoughts below.

  • biff

    That is an excellent read. Howard comes across quite well, a nice guy overflowing with common sense. I hope Clint Dempsey reads his words: “I can tell you this. There are certain people who I know who have made the switch to a certain club just to play Champions League, and they get bombed out of the Champions League,” Howard said. “Or they sign a four-year contract and they only play Champions League one year, and then they’re miserable at their club and they’re back to square one.”

    In recent weeks I have been having that same concern that Dempsey is going to leave Fulham for a CL-bound team that will be knocked out in an early round and then not qualify for the CL again. I still would like to see him leave Fulham, but go to a big club like Liverpool that is preparing for a comeback after a disappointing season, sort of what Michael Bradley is doing by going to Roma.

    And speaking of Bradley, it sounds like Howard is not at all unhappy that Bob Bradley was fired. In fact, sounds like he is happy about it.

    (SBI-Saying Howard is happy about Bradley being fired is a major stretch. If there were pro-Bradley guys in the USMNT set-up, Howard was among the leaders of that group. What can be said is that he has been pleasantly surprised by Klinsmann. That much is clear.)


  • elgringorico

    Timmy is a pretty fantastic human being. Even in the 35-40 range he would be the best keeper in the MLS!


  • Joe from Philly

    I think he’d do a good job in Sunil Gulati’s (not sure of spelling there) position down the road.


  • Michael F.

    Love that guy, T-Ho! Really hard for me to say who is the best USA goalie ever. Timmy, Casey, Brad, Tony? What do you think, Ives? How about it guys, thoughts?


  • Matt C in Tampa

    Brad and Casey..Timmy is behind them and there’s no shame in that. In my opinion…just mine….i think Brad and Casey came up with MORE big saves to keep the US in the game.


  • bcoug

    Nice article and re-affirms the positives I already thought about him.

    I was confused about this line though, “You look at Seattle, with the fans and the passion and the three Open Cups. It’s pretty amazing.”

    From reading supporter comments of those bounced each year, I was under the impression that the Open Cup meant nothing … yet Tim Howard makes a point of mentioning it as a positive. How could this be???


  • Eric

    Yeah, I also think Howard is still currently behind Keller and Friedel atm for title of best all-time American keeper, because Tim doesn’t have a masterpiece to his name on the same level of, say, Keller’s performance against Brazil in 1998, or Friedel’s 2002 WC campaign.

    But, as Matt points out, being #3 on that list is nothing to sneeze at.


  • Eric

    Interesting thought…

    Given what appears to be a solid connection forming between Howard and Klinsi, what are the chances of Howard being given the captaincy after Bocanegra calls it a day with the USMNT (which I imagine will happen when the 2014 WC ends)? Especially if Donovan also decides to retire from international football, I could see Howard being given the armband for the 2018 cycle.


  • Bog

    Awesome article! Thanks, Ives!

    I am wondering if he was referring to Bocanegra’s attempt at playing CL when he moved to Rangers last year.


  • Lost in Space

    Timmy could be the choice….but I happen to believe that the Likely captains after Boca are:
    1) Bradley – Played 2 WCs, Prime Age (26-30)
    2) Howard – Well spoken, loads of experience
    3) Holden – Class Act.
    4) F. Johnson – Poster boy for Duel Nationals


  • biff

    Bad wording on my part, did not mean to imply that I interpreted the quotes to mean that Tim Howard was cheering when BB got the ax, only that he seems very happy under the current regime and is not yearning for a return to the past. In any case, the article is dammm good with great quotes giving insight into Howard as a person and his allegiance to Everton, which is pretty cool and which I hope gets repaid this season with a Europa League (CL?) finish.


  • biff

    A lot of players have gotten burned by CL moves. As I already mentioned above, I think he is talking directly to his buddy Clint Dempsey, who wants to play Champions League. And, come to thing of it, there were news reports a couple of months ago that Moyes would like to bring Dempsey on board.


  • Hank

    when he’s ready to retire he can come back to the MLS.

    i wouldn’t want our USNT keeper playing in the MLS.


  • matt

    Brad Friedel is 40 an fnished 4th in the PL as a keeper for Spurs. Guy is the best ever.


  • biff

    I found the article about David Moyse planning to move for Clint Dempsey this summer. That article says that although bigger teams will be going for Dempsey that “Moyes hopes Dempsey’s close friendship with USA team-mate Tim Howard may work in his favour…” Could it be that Howard is trying to convince Dempsey to come to Everton? Who knows. If you read the comments at the bottom of the story the fans are highly skeptical of a move to Everton. But Everton after a 7th place finish the past season has made some good buys already this summer to strengthen the team and maybe with Dempsey on board could move even higher this season towards Dempsey goal of Champions League football. Here’s a link to the article.

    Everton plotting second shot at Dempsey but Arsenal and Spurs lurk for Fulham star


  • GW

    I have this vision of Clint reading the Timmy article and then having a light bulb go off in his head. Next thing you know he is ringing up Timmy and asking him if he was referring to him and saying, “Wow I never thought of that”.

    Duece has done just fine with his career and as a responsible adult I’m sure he is quite capable of making this next career move without help from SBI. After all he has a lot more information on the situation than we do. If you think Howard has a lot of common sense then your comments make it seem as if Clint has very little.


  • Eric

    Can’t see Stu Holden as captain when he’s out injured so much, and Fabian Johnson is still becoming a known quantity to the USMNT.

    But I think Bradley is another strong possibility. I’m sure Klinsi is doing cartwheels over his rumored move to Roma.


  • Jacknut

    Great article! Small error in the sidebar. Howard made his US debut against Ecuador in 2002, not 2007.


  • wilbur06

    I wonder if he is thinking about Pienaar. Forced a move to Tottenham and then never played.


  • beto

    (Moyes) “not likely to pay more than £5m” … well then he is not likely to sign Dempsey when Arsenal and Liverpool are lining up with £8m bids and who knows if a german club or someone else might bid.

    Personally i think Schalke or Dortmunt would be best; both Champions League and have lost CF/M players this summer, and he would do well in the Bundesliga. Money-wise Liverpool and Arsenal make sense, i see Spurs going somewhere else and Everton not having the money.


  • b

    I think it’s a bad idea to give Howard the captaincy, he is already a captain out there, that’s what comes with being a quality veteran goalkeeper. It would be superfluous to give it to him, it should go to a non-fwd field player. The choice is obvious to me: Michael Bradley.


  • Peretz48

    Timmy will go down as one of the most beloved U.S. players of this generation because of his personality, his loyalty, his commitment.


  • Scott

    Ives no Tim Howard interview is complete until you ask him about his All-state insurance commercials. Specifically, why isn’t a timbot capable of love?


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