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TFC trade for Amarikwa


Photo courtesy of Torontofc.ca

A day after making a big blockbuster trade to land French striker Eric Hassli from the Vancouver Whitecaps, Toronto FC added some more depth at forward with the addition of Quincy Amarikwa.

TFC acquired Amarikwa in a trade from the New York Red Bulls, who picked him up off waivers after he was let go by the Colorado Rapids. Toronto sent New York a conditional draft pick for the 24-year-old forward.

Amarikwa and Hassli join former FC Dallas forward Andrew Wiedeman among the forwards brought in by Paul Mariner in hopes of helping the TFC offense overcome the losses of Danny Koevermans (to a torn ACL) and Joao Plata (who left the club to go on loan).

Toronto is still expected to add a centerback or two during the summer transfer period, with Swedish defender Olof Mellberg and Canadian centerback Kevin McKenna two potential targets.

  • ???

    What’s the point of this for NYRB? They just signed this kid, how could a conditional pick be better ?


  • MMV

    Rumor on the street here in Denver is that Quincy had some off the field issues. He was essentially banned from the team. I don’t know if that’s true of not but during his last few weekatom Denver he popped up in an adult league match (in which I was playing) at the fields adjacent to DSP while the Rapids were on a road trip. I thought it was very, very odd. Nonethless, something went awry with the Rapids and it’s a shame. His engery was fun to watch off the bench and he wasn’t half bad. I have to wonder if RBNY shipped him off to TFC because they were some underlying issues with Quincy.


  • ernj

    RBNY got him of nothing and turned it into a conditional pick. Soler has learned the game (allocation $ for Nesta as well), though MLS rules are obscure and absurd. Amarikwa wasn’t going to be signed by RB after they traded for LeToux anyway.


  • Arsenalkid700

    He was not going to get games. Why keep him if we were not going to play him. This makes sense. We get a pick so we could potential sign a good young draft pick. It works.


  • tmack

    love his energy, but he’s a hothead…we had him here in san jose initially and i thought he was gonna grow into a real player in MLS, but he was getting into fights in practice (apparently he had a memorable dust-up with nick garcia) and eventually got into it with our manager, frank yallop….sounds like he mght not be done maturing yet


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