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Thursday Kickoff: Special 2016 Copa America being discussed, Corinthians wins Copa Libertadores, & more

Jones Neymar (Getty Images)


The long-discuscced special Copa America is no longer just a rumor.

New CONCACAF president Jeffrey Webb revealed on Wednesday that the confederation is in talks with CONMEBOL about a possible 2016 Copa America that would include teams from both regions. The tournament would celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Copa America, and things are pointing to it likely being held in the United States.

The joint-tournament would fall on the same summer as Euro 2016 and a year after the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup and CONMEBOL's Copa America. There has been no word as to what the incentive would be for winning the tournament.

Here are more stories from the soccer world to help get your day going:


Corinthians did something on Wednesday that may be hard to believe for some: They won their first Copa Libertadores title. The popular Brazilian club won the South American championship by defeating historic Argentina outfit Boca Juniors, 3-1, on aggregate after a 2-0 decision on Wednesday night. Emerson scored both goals for Corinthians in the second half to add Corinthians to the list of teams to have won a Copa Libertadores.


After years of being discussed, it appears goal-line technology is finally on the verge of happening. International football's FA Board (IFAB) is set to give the green light to goal-line technology at a meeting in Zurich on Thursday after months of tests were completed on two systems, Hawk-Eye and the GoalRef. If approved, both can be introduced by the Premier League and the FA, though not immediately due to each system requiring installment, licensing and testing.


Things just are not getting better for Rangers. Under a slightly new name, the Scottish club was refused entry into the Scottish Premier League in place of the old Rangers, with 10 to 12 teams voting against such a move. The re-formed club now will have to apply to play in the Scottish Football League, but what league they will play in after suffering administration last season is unknown.


What do you think of the idea of the special 2016 Copa America? Surprised Corinthians just won their first Copa Libertadores title? Excited for goal-line technology?

Share your thoughts below.

  • soccerroo

    Is part of the article missing? What about a Special 2016 Copa America. is it a reality or just being discussed?


  • Alex

    And I remember when SBI told me it would never happen in one of those live Q&A’s… Can’t wait for it!


  • The Imperative Voice

    Yes it makes complete sense to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Campeonato Sudamericano de Selecciones aka Copa America in North America in the USA!

    Now don’t get me wrong I think it’s cool for the US to play in this tournament in a non-Gold Cup year where we might be willing/ able to bring a stouter squad — although can you mandate players play under FIFA rules for another region’s tournament — I just think given the centennial concept the location is a strange choice.


  • BSU SC

    It was an amazing atmosphere to see on televison. Although I was cheering for Boca Juniors, I’m not disappointed to see Corinthians win. They were the better team on the night and played an incredible tournament from begining to end. I expect them to beat Chelsea in the Club World Cup.


  • froboy

    I am not a Corinthians fan, no team yet, been here a year, too much hate on both sides, my heart still hasn’t chosen. Have some good friends that were at the game and said it was just an amazing atmosphere/party.


  • Modibo

    I thought that goal-line tech is something that MLS is keen to introduce – the article only mentions the Premier League and the FA (presumably English FA). Can’t MLS institute it with the green light? Or is this just an oversight in the article?


  • al17

    it’s all about how much more coin they can bring in on this event. Exact same thing that came to mind when I saw the headline and especially after seeing how successful this year’s European Championships were from a Global perspective.


  • kfly

    That would be so cool. The US could play good teams other than Mexico in games that matter in a non-World Cup year! It would be unreal!


  • John

    It’s stupid to have this joint Copa America a year after the regular Copa America and Gold Cup. They should just wait for 2019 as scheduled or hold off on the 2015 Copa. Also, this has the feeling that they would want the US to always host to maximize profits. This would be a deal breaker for me. The cup should rotate through the continent like it has for the last 96 years.


  • PD

    Oh quit your whining.

    An opportunity for top level soccer that isn’t European to be showcased to the largest growing audience for soccer with the cash to spend on making it a bigger and better sport is win-win.

    If it could happen in in another country that would be great, but the fact that it’s a happening at all is something to celebrate, not whinge about.


  • G?

    I would also add that brazil and the us both will have the infrastructure to switch off hosting duties if this became a long-term thing. Which would also be cool, switching between the two hemispheres each time.


  • Jon

    Of course it’s about money….

    ….and I’ll gladly shell out $80/ticket to follow the USMNT and catch some other games around the country.


  • al17

    F… Off!!
    No one’s whining, we’re calling it for what it is. Why didn’t they announce this a few years ago? Not like they didn’t know this anniversary wasn’t coming up. If they get the TV distribution like this European Championships or a combo of it and the YouTube set up they had last time which was AWESOME then it will be a nice way to promote South American Futebol and increase the fan base. If it’s the pay per view route then it could hurt ’em. We’ll all see soon enough.


  • Charles

    It really is a slow evolution, soccer in the US, but this has to be considered a watershed moment.
    is that really the term, watershed moment…I am off to look that up.


  • Brett

    i would like to see this replace the gold cup and copa america. just make it one huge super-tournament.


  • Gnarls

    No, it’s not stupid. It’s awesome. You got your adjectives mixed up.

    A genuinely high level men’s tournament hasn’t happened on US soil since ’94 (no disrespect to the Gold Cup). I can’t wait.


  • Old School

    I love that picture!

    I share Jurgen’s philosophy of making your presence known on the pitch.


  • RLW2020

    idk, it works:
    2015 – Gold Cup/Copa America: determines the Confed Cup teams
    2016 – Western Hemisphere Cup: NA + SA cup
    2017 – just qualifying + friendlies no gold cup
    2018 – world cup.


  • Felix

    I’m surprised by Rangers newco getting shot down. I figured pragmatism would force the other clubs’ hands.
    Guess not.


  • JP

    Corinthians played at an insanely high tempo against Boca for the FULL 90 minutes… Don’t know what conditioning those boys are going through, or how much adrenaline can get you going, but someone needs to check that team for doping!! 🙂

    That was a joke…. incredible speed and stamina though. If they are able to keep their players and coach and play a tempo like that against Chelsea, they win.


  • Kung Fu Kangaroos

    “Special” Copa America should replace the Gold Cup and “regular” Copa America. Play every 4 years in July, right after the Euros. Winner goes to Confederations Cup … and the highest placing team from the other region. Have countries bid for it like the Euros … would make lots of money and be entertaining to watch.


  • Joe

    There are probably a few reasons to have the US host the event. First thing that comes to mind is since it is a ‘historic’ observance holding it in the country that doesn’t have to adjust any infrastructure is big. Second, the 2014 World Cup is in Brazil so South America would have just had a huge event (not to mention the Olympics that year). Third is definitely that there is more money to be made in the US. Some draw backs to the US are that the country is so big with a lot of great Soccer specific stadiums along with 31 (maybe 30 if SF and Oakland share) NFL stadiums that are among the largest in the world, also several college football stadiums actually are larger then any NFL stadium that choosing the actual venues will be a chore in itself. It would probably best to have regionals throughout the country then narrow down the knockout rounds to areas closer to each other to cut down on travel. Drawback to that is you would probably end up on the East Coast for the knockout rounds because of the close proximity of larger cities where the West Coast is wider spread.


  • Ricky B. Stupid

    I think the prize for winning the special Copa Libertadores is that all eliminated teams get tackled by Jermaine Jones, and the referee can’t find his cards.


  • Ted in MN

    on a 4 year schedule:
    1. Gold Cup/Copa Libertadores
    2. American Championships (have qualification be based on the above) and qualifying beginning later in year
    3. Confederations Cup and Qualifying
    4. World Cup
    Rinse and repeat.


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