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Trailer released for upcoming Bob Bradley in Egypt documentary


  • T

    They didn’t qualify for their regional championship when it mattere, but they might have “shot” at the World Cup. Best of luck to Bob, and I hope we can play Egypt someday (with us winning of course).


  • Hutskizzle

    Because I like reading too far into things: Props for using Explosion In The Sky’s “Birth And Death Of A Day” for this trailer

    (also one of my favorite songs from my favorite band)


  • Tres

    There are two types of American soccer peeps:

    — those who say “World CUP”
    — those who say “WORLD Cup”

    Bradley (along with Grant Wahl and Landon Donovan, just for the record) is one of the latter.


  • Sonicdeathmonkey

    I’m assuming Johnny Bornstein will have a staring role in the film. 😉


  • b

    Chandler refuses call up, Feilhaber gets injured, Bedoya replaces him, Bedoya injures Cherundolo, Lichaj switches over to RB and Jonathan Bornstein enters the game at LB. 2-0 turns into 4-2, we lose the Gold Cu to our rivals and Bradley gets fired.
    It’s crazy how a string of events can just spiral out of control like that and cause such a disaster…


  • Steve C


    I was also giddy as a school girl at the end of ESPN’s “Fab Five” when they played a ‘This Will Destroy You’ song.


  • Spiritof76

    That Gio Dos Santos goal has to count as one of the best goals ever scored against US?


  • MiamiAl

    Bob Bradley should get the hell out of there. He does not have anything to prove. The whole world can see he is a very good manager. Egypt will not be his last stop. I just hope he does not return to CONCACAF.


  • bryan

    just watched this.

    1. my heart hurts everytime i watch that gio goal
    2. explosions in the sky rock
    3. looks awesome


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