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Wednesday Kickoff: Fulham fend off Dempsey suitors, De Jong moves & more

DempseyLiverpool (Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey Watch has taken another unusual turn.

Despite a since-taken-down report on Fenway Sports Group's website Wednesday claiming that Liverpool had signed Dempsey, Fulham have reportedly insisted that not only is Dempsey still a member of the Cottagers, but that they have not received any bids for the U.S. national team star, nor is he for sale.

"We have received no offers from any club for Clint Dempsey," a Fulham spokesperson told the BBC. "We would discourage any club from making a bid for him."

This is the second time in as many weeks that erroneous reports have put Dempsey at Anfield. For Dempsey, who has a year left on his contract with Fulham, there are six weeks left in the summer transfer window to determine where he winds up playing to start the season. Dempsey has been open with his desire to move on to a UEFA Champions League club, which does not apply to Fulham or Liverpool this year.

Here are a few more stories to get your day going:


One of Europe's rising stars is moving on to the Bundesliga.

Dutch and former FC Twente striker Luuk de Jong has signed a five-year deal with Champions League club Borussia Monchengladbach after a reported transfer fee of €15 million was agreed upon by both teams.

De Jong, 21, scored the second-most goals in the Eredivisie last season (25) and was a part of the Netherlands' Euro 2012 roster, although he did not see any playing time during the team's futile tournament run


Robin van Persie might not have a long-term deal with Arsenal in place and may be hoping for a transfer move this summer, but the Dutch striker has joined his teammates for preseason training. Van Persie's deal with the club expires at the end of this coming season, and Arsenal reportedly has the Premier League's leading scorer from a season ago in their plans.

Manchester City and Juventus are two clubs said to be ready to make a big-money move for Van Persie, but as of now, he remains a Gunner.


Japan No. 1 goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima has signed a three-year deal with Standard Liege in Belgium, moving to the club from its rival, Lierse.

Kawashima, 29, was Japan's started in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has also helped Japan to the Asian Cup championship which clinched the nation's place in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.


What's your take on the Dempsey situation? Would you be satisfied if he remained at Fulham? Do you think Fulham is just trying to drive up the price and that he will ultimately wind up at Liverpool or somewhere else? Think De Jong makes Monchengladbach a contender in Germany? Do you think Van Persie should play out his contract with Arsenal? Where do you rate Kawashima compared to the other top goalkeepers in the world?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Raymon

    Um, positioning is an age old universal and globally accepted negotiating tactic. There are no rules that require “Dempsey is not for sale” to mean Dempsey is not for sale. Every club has a price for every player on their roster, and it just means FFC has not heard their price for their prized Yank.


  • Kev

    Dude? You crack me up. Are you serious?
    I think you are just looking for a fight – really stretching this one. Nationality has to do with the fact that he owns the Red Sox too – that is it! My only point, which I am open for criticsim, is that he is a crappy owner (regardless of nationality) that has no heart in sport – just quick about making headlines. (if you read, my theory was that liverpool pulled the trigger too fast and leaked the transfer reports for headlines – pissing Fulham off.) You can probably say that about most owners – I just know his track record as an “american” sports owner – uh oh, is that going to put you over the edge?

    How am i ignorant? Can you define that?
    “Fairly safe to say everyone knows about LFC”. Maybe, maybe not. I like to not assume in my postings though. Hence, my use of “american”. Sorry to offend you!

    Listen “king of this blog”, you got me, although i religiously go to this website and love SBI’s stuff, i do not go to “your” blog much. Once in awhile, I will be curious on what others say and once in a blue moon, if it is a subject i am fired up on, will comment. I am not going away because big, bad, Old School said so.

    I suggest putting as much effort as you do nitpicking here into life outside of this blog. You may get somewhere other than the cubicle or room, wasting life away refreshing this page for responses from peeps you comment on. Have a good rest of the day! 🙂


  • Kev

    Haha, Kenny, good call – now we are talking. I was waiting for someone to bring up the championships with the red sox. You are absolutely right. I just can’t stand the ownership these days.

    I get the feeling that the two championships has created a monster in that ownership group these days. Red Sox, like Liverpool, are a storied franchise.

    John Henry’s group seems like they got very complacent and tried to buy their championships lately with bad moves. They then bought Liverpool in 2010 and let the Sox franchise just float on its own.

    The winning attitude seems like it took a backseat in the last couple of years to greed.

    Living in Boston area, they always seem to have poor decisions in regards to the media. My point of all of this is that my theory is that I wouldnt be surprised if they mismanaged the transfer reports and pulled the trigger on the transfer news of Dempsey.

    Bottom line – I may be wrong but I just am skeptical of that ownership group and everything they do. Listening to too much sports radio up in New England? Maybe….


  • Old School

    I wasn’t aware you were a close associated to classify Henry as his “heart not being in the sport.”

    Is he a HUGE baseball fan? Was his “heart in the sport”? Because last I checked they won a few World Series under his reign.

    Here’s a little quote from John Henry,

    “I do not think any individual buys a sports franchise, or an English football club, to make money,” Henry said.

    “Maybe a few but they need their heads examined. It is about competing at the highest level in the world’s largest sport for us. That is why we are here.”

    I’ll trust his leadership of a club over yours every day that ends in Y.

    …king of the blog? No. While we’re throwing around titles, I’ll anoint you village idiot.

    While we’re making suggestions, too: go out, earn enough money being successful in the financial sector and buy your own club to show us “Americans” how a real club should be ran.

    We’ll be here, just drop in for a hello.


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