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Altidore delivers double in AZ season opener

AltidoreAZBlue (Getty)

This summer Jozy Altidore said that his goal for the upcoming club season was to improve on his 22-goal campaign of last season. That seemed like an ambitious goal at the time, but based on how his new season has begun, it may be more realistic than we thought.

The U.S. National Team striker scored a pair of quality goals just two minutes apart in AZ Alkmaar's season-opening 2-2 draw vs. Ajax Amsterdam on Sunday. The goals, which came early in the second half, helped AZ erase a 1-0 halftime deficit and has Altidore looking like he's going to score even more goals for AZ this season.

Here are Altidore's goals:


by simaotvgolo12


by simaotvgolo12


  • Bob

    Love to see Herc and Jozy start up top against Mexico! AZ owes us for how long they held him back this summer so they better not try to fight his release!!


  • Vic El Paso texas

    We are also stacked with top talent and by the way who has more players in Europe, Mexico or usa. The answer is Usa, Mexico is barely getting noticed due to their playing of the last 3 years and Europe is barely recruiting more Mexican talent. by the way the soccer Olympic tournament for men was very below average , from Spain to the African American teams and Brazil was terrible and great Britain was also terrible. Mexico and Usa could have been the final, only if Usa could have taken it more seriously. Imagine donovan, bocanegra and Howard as enforcements.


  • Tyler

    Last I checked there were no African American teams at the Olympics. I know what you mean though.


  • Amru

    One of the things I love about those goals are the clever runs he made to make himself available to his teammates. I really think Jozy and Herc up top would be a dangerous combo


  • Vic El Paso texas

    Usa usa usa usa i predict a Usa and mexico strong performance in world cup 2014. Typical strong European teams will show up as well but Usa and Mexico will be scary teams. Specially playing in Brazil, Usa and Mexico should not feel homesick like the European teams will.


  • BigDog

    You are an embarrassment to the American educational system… or you have a deep understanding of sarcasm.


  • BBB

    He barely missed his hat-trick on a nice shot across the face of goal a couple minutes before being subbed out.

    Jozy is the bullfrog of the Striker world. Big, strong, doesn’t move much, and, after lulling enemies into a sense of sleep, does some crazy fast move and your lunch is gone.


  • TomG

    Good point, Mem. In some ways, his time in Spain taught him some bad habits. He’s a powerful man and should use his strength to stay upright, not to draw fouls. He may accumulate some bad calls by the refs that way but he’ll also collect some awesome goals like today.


  • TomG

    Love the power to get to the goal and the finesse to chip the keeper on the first. Never seen him chip in that spot before. Add another skill to the arsenal! Love the combo play on the 2d, and love that on both goals, there was only one shot that would yield a goal and Jozy was able to figure out what that shot was and execute it all in a split second – very impressive.


  • Lorenzo

    I double agree. How many times do you see players jump and it just doesn’t work out and they just sit and sit and sit. I don’t want our 1 star forward to sit. Yes, I know we have some other players, and people want to forget about Altidore. But let’s face the music guys, Altidore stands alone at the top overall.


  • Primoone

    Thank you, Marcus Aurelius…

    “This parrot is no more. It has ceased to be. It’s expired and gone to meet its maker. This is a late parrot. It’s a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies. It’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot.”

    -Monty Python


  • TrollsWillTroll

    Yeah he scored a couple of lucky goals, but can he do it against a good team?


  • Darwin

    I love to see his teammates celebrate his first goal with the olympic archer and shield.


  • WK

    Is Jozy lined up on the left in a 4-3-3, or did he just pull wide from a central position on both of those passes? he looked pretty good out there on the wing- went straight to goal on both either alone or on a give-n-go.

    we’re gonna need an In Form Jozy to get through qualifying.


  • Russell

    holy cow. i just watched these goals.

    Great goals both of them. I’m definitely on the ‘buy’ for Jozy. Each of them showed something different and superior to an Ajax defense. He will not be in the Netherlands next year if he has more of this to offer.


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